Welcome Philip!



Dan Goldzband & Julie Thompson

We only just saw this now, after your second season. How very cool! San Diego lost a very good one, but we are proud to provide such quality to the rest of the country!

Jane Pearson

Oh Philip! Philip!! Make music and know I am here in Durango busting my teacher buttons with pride and admiration. Well done. Indeed. Very well Done.

Your ole 4th grade teacher...

Robert M. McNally

I was the Symphony's Concertmaster in 1948 and 1949 under Joseph Blott.Concertmaster of the Tulsa Phil and CM of the Mississippi Symphony from1976 til 2005. I am delighted that you all are doing so well. and wish you well. Tatiana is my very good friend. Bob

Ray and Linda Vaughan

Wow, what a wonderful warm welcome the Arkansas people gave you. We know how well deserving it is! So happy for you!

Best Regards,

Ray and Linda Vaughan

Howard Lee Kilby

Dear Mr. Mann,

Just a few words to express my admiration for your direction of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Julie Albers was magnificent.

I look forward to the next concert.

Howard Lee Kilby
Hot Springs, Arkansas

C. Roger James

Mr. Mann,
My wife and I attended our first concert since you took over as director of the ASO this afternoon (sunday the 30th). I was greatly antiscipating Elgar's cello concerto and I was not disappointed. Julie Albers is as talented as she is beautiful. What I was not expecting was to be blown away by the Mendelssohn 5th. That was so good I almost shouted Bravo!,but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was close though.

Not since Berstein in the 60s have I heard a conductor communicate with an audience as you did today. I don't think this Little Rock will hold you for long, but we will enjoy you while we have you.

C. Roger James

Zeynep Vural

I took my 8 yr old son to the Halloween concert a couple of months ago. It was his first classical music concert. The next day he told me "mom, I wish I were Philip Mann, so I could direct music like he does!". Job well done Mr. Mann!


Absolutely fantastic. I've been to two Masterworks-series performances so far and they have been terrific. I don't think I've ever seen the orchestra members as tuned in to a conductor before, and the interpretations are wonderful.

Easter Seals Butler Adult Living Center

Welcome to Arkansas from your friends at Butler Adult Living Center!

Peggy Hintz (Steffe)

Congratulations. Your family is very proud of you and the beautiful work you share with the world!

Tom and Carol Ann Bush

Each time we enjoy listening/watching the Arkansas Symphony, we look forward to even more wonderful performances. We add our welcome!

Heather Isbell

The POINT 94.1's Youth ROCK Orchestra welcomes you to Little Rock, Philip!


Paul Timothy Davis

Having had the pleasure of meeting Philip and Tatiana in person I can tell you this. They are warm, personable, and so approachable. Aren't we lucky to have such two wonderfully talented people?!

Gary Hill

Congratulations, Phillip, and best wishes!

Cathy Rudder

WE are thrilled that you and Tatiana are living here. Last Sunday's program was THE BEST I have ever heard. I moved here 2 years ago from Dallas TX and they have a wonderful orchestra! Plus we had the privilege of sitting a row in front of your lovely wife Tatiana so our newly subscribed seats are among the BEST! I appreciate your wonderful selections for this year. Would you PLEASE consider including Khachaturian's Adiagio from Spartacus for next year's program??? As well as you performed New World, I can only imagine hearing this live under your outstanding direction!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZLMKkEGFRo


I was in the audience during your recent performance in Mountain Home. It was a real pleasure and thrill to savor such wonderful music. I have attended symphonies throughout the nation....Fiedler, Bernstein, Ozawa etc, and you rate with the BEST! May God bless you as you lead Arkansas' orchestra.

Paul Guiley


as many others before me have said-


Welcome to Arkansas! Loved today's concert! Thank you so much for leading us in our National Anthem.

Brandon McNerlin

Congratulations! Looks like you've found a great community to settle into! Your odyssey continues, and I'll be wishing you the best of luck from across the pond.

Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas

Dear Philip, The Music Teachers Association of Central Arkansas (MTACA) welcomes you to our wonderful state. We feel certain you will love the people, the culture, and a whole host of budding, amateur and professional musicians.
Kay Lindley

Kimberely Lovelace/ASO Violist

Maestro,it has been such an honor to play for you! I wish you all the best and welcome you to our beautiful state!

Kathy Searcy

As one of the chairs of the Symphony Designer House 2011, I welcome you, Philip Mann, to Arkansas! Please take a seat with us as we open our home to you! There's no place like home, Philip Mann, and now you are home. Welcome to your new home, and welcome to Arkansas!

We're glad you're here!

Herbert Murphy

Thanks, Maestro, for coming up to Mountain Home so soon after arriving in Arkansas to lead your fine orchestra and provide us with some beautiful music. Please come back soon.

Jim Young

Don't know if you remember me from Durango, but saw this video and knew even in HS that you would go far. Congratulations on all your hard work, I know you have great things in store for you. Please tell your mom hello for me.

Jim Young

Camille Williams

I know I will have to remember to breathe again on Sunday. Can't wait!

Betty Herron

We are a hospitable people and by extending a welcome to you with open arms makes me a proud Arkansan. We are excited about your potential and the wonderful music you will make with the ASO - We are eagerly looking forward to Saturday evening's opening performance. We are all behind you and wish you every good success in your role as the ASO Musical Director.

Linda Mack

Wow! I am so proud of you. The people of Arkansas are very lucky to have you, and it is clear that they are giving you a great welcome. Congratulations and have a wonderful opening weekend.

Laurie Ann Ross


We are so proud to welcome you and Tatiana to Arkansas. We look forward to many wonderful musical moments with you and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Laurie Ann, Charlie, Catie & Jane Ross

Anita Wigton

Arkansas is so lucky to have you! Your friends in Durango, Colorado are proud of you and send you our best!

Leslie Vickery

Wow Phillip,
They brought the Fancy Cow for you!

Kelly Wallace

How exciting! All of us on Rainbow Road are very proud.

Sallie Kautter


I am so happy for you and Tatiana. This is going to be a great year for both of you! Perhaps we can come see a concert? Congratulations! What a great welcome and video. We are all so proud of you back home.

candace kendrick

Wow Phillip! I remember your incredible dedication to music even as a little guy on Mesa Verde Ave. Congratulations! Candy Smith Kendrick

Alan and Pauline Gerstein

Looking forward to the concert next week!

Andrew von Oeyen

Hey Phillip-
Wishing you all the best on your first season with the Arkansas Symphony. I'm happy we performed together for your debut there!
Hugs to you and Tatiana,

Erick Saoud

Drum Roll Please!

On behalf of the 59 percussionists at Episcopal Collegiate School, welcome to Arkansas! We look forward to seeing the orchestra in concert all season long.

Jack Prelutsky

I can't imagine a better, warmer, or more thoughtful welcome to your new home . . . wow. Plus it has excellent production values. Carolynn and I wish you (and Tatiana) all the best in Arkansas.

Brian Asawa

Philip! I am so proud of you. I am sure you and Tatiana will enjoy your new life in Little Rock! Congratulations!

John Yarrington

Welcome, Philip: I was, for five seasons, Chorus Master for the ASO, and for one memorable season (at least memorable for me) I was the Interim Conductor. I am Director of the School of Music at Houston Baptist University but have strong ties and roots in Little Rock. All the best to you and I hope to hear the symphony at some point.


Welcome to Little Rock!!!!

George Zack

As a native of Arkansas, I extend my welcome to you and wish you every success! Looking forward to watching your work as you build on a great orchestra!
George Zack
Music Director Emeritus
Conductor Laureate
Lexington (KY) Philharmonic Orchestra

Yolanda Kondonassis

Congratulations! So great to hear your news. Lucky Arkansas!

Jim Klages

Mann alve!

Nancy McGraw, TAS Director of Strings

The Anthony School violinists,
all 130 of us,
grades 1st-8th,
ROCK on MANN ^_^

Andrea Decker

Wow! What a wonderful way to welcome you! Great video. I am glad they are so excited about having you as the new Music Director; they should be :-)
We'll miss you in San Diego (I guess that might mean no more "Science of Music" here at the science center), but I know you'll do wonderful things with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.
All the best wishes to you and your wife. I'll be sure to come and see a concert if I'll ever make it to Arkansas.

Andrea Decker

Claudia Stallings

All of Arkansas welcomes you!!! As you travel our beautiful state, remember a lot of your supporters played in the local high school bands and our love for concerts began with our own local performances.

Alice Pfeiffer

We Guild Members knew from our first meeting with you, Phillip, that you were THE ONE. Tatiana and Phillipl WELCOME TO ARKANSAS!

Dana Larson

Congradulations and welcome to Little Rock! We're so glad to have you and Tatiana here!

Uncle Duck & Linda

Bravo, Conductormann!!
We are so proud of you!!


Mr. Mann I am 10 years old and I am in the prelude orchestra, I had a fun time being a part of that video! Welcome to Arkansas!

Anthony Pasquill

Congratulation Maestro!

I hope all goes well for both yourself and the orchestra. Love to Tatiana.


Oleg & Faith

We're so happy to see you welcomed with that warm southern hospitality. Little Rock is going to love you and Tatiana. Best wishes!

Norman Krieger

Dear Phillip,

TOI TOI TOI for a great opening concert and season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big hugs to you and I look forward to making music together soon!!!!!


Susana Menda

Philip, I was there , at Robinson Theater cheering for you .
I want you muita sorte , muita mas muita sorte , you deserve !

Daryl Pratt

What a hoot Phil!!!

Good luck with the orchestra.


Jocelyn and Jason

Wow--they really know how to welcome someone in Arkansas! Congratualtions, again, Philip. We look forward to seeing you and Tatiana sometime in your new home of Little Rock. They're lucky to have you both bringing beautiful sounds to their ears!

Susan Belcher

Philip, we welcome you and Tatiana on so many levels! As a fellow musician, as a colleague and well-wisher at UALR, as an arts partner and see-you-at-all-the-black-tie fundraisers associate and as friend who will always be welcome in our home. Thank you both for coming to Arkansas!

Elana Newman

What a fabulous welcome - loads of good luck!
(Avi Reichert's manager)

Alex Braginsky

Bravo! Excellent welcome and a very promising beginning!

Julie Smith

Congratulations on your new position, and what a welcome! They really know how to make the new guy feel special in Arkansas, huh? Good luck in your upcoming season opening concert and all the best to you and Tatiana in this new phase of your life!

Keitaro Harada

Oh Mann, this is absolutely amazing Mann!!!
Tori and I will definitely come visit you :)

Have a wonderful first season!!!!


Paul Boyer

I guess I'm one of those who gets to say, "I knew him back when . . . ." And I'm proud to say it.

Karen Bryan

Philip and Tatiana--Welcome to Little Rock. We are so glad to have you here!

Karl Peterson, Minneapolis, MN

Philip, how could anyone not be overjoyed and touched by such a warm welcome? In turn, Arkansas and its musicians will know shortly how truly lucky they are to have you as the conductor of their symphony! All the best to you and looking forward to hearing of your continued successes.

Debby Park

Loved the video! What a warm welcome for you and Tatiana to a beautiful state with wonderful people. But we'll miss you in San Diego!

John C. Jarboe

Hi Philip !

The best state in the union just got even better now that you're here! Welcome to Arkansas !

John C. Jarboe

Hi Philip !

The best state in the union just got even better now that you're here! Welcome to Arkansas !

Guy Elron

Dear Phillip,

Congratulations and welcome to Little Rock (all the way from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music). What a fantastic place to be. The orchestra sounds wonderful. The people are lovely, and the music making will be lots of fun. Enjoy!!!

Kindest regards,
Guy Elron
Development Officer
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Tennille & Ryan

Congrats Phil! Hope we can get to your part of the country someday to see one of your concerts!

To Philip Mann

Dear Philip,

Good Luck and all the other good wishes to You and Tatiana.

Arkady & Sophie

Lynn Kern

We're so happy to have you in Arkansas. We enjoyed visiting with your Mother when you were "auditioning" and learned of your UofI connection and Dr. Charles Webb. I sent him an article about you and wrote how impressed we had been. He immediately wrote back "you have a winner!" Apparently he and Wallace H. played with "the" symphony years ago. Infact, he (Charles) wrote that he'd love to do the Rhapsody in Blue with this symphony! NOTE: That's not a suggestion,just a note of interest I thought you'd like to here.
Best of luck.

Teresa Taylor

Hello Mr. Mann,

Welcome to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Campus, where medicine lives.


Katzin Music

Philip, the folks at Katzin Music, Durango, Colorado know that you're the best...we look forward to watching your career! Your first violin is still a part of our scholarship program...now it's a famous violin.
Much love from all of us in Durango!!

Warren and Barbara Hall

Congratulation, Arkansas is lucky to have you. We might just have to take a little trip south.


I can't wait for opening night to see you conduct our fabulous orchestra again. Let the magic Mann begin.

Gemma Kavanagh

Hi Philip,

This is just wonderful! I wish you every success and happiness with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Susie & Jim

I always knew you would be famous! Congratulations on the new gig!! Arkansas is lucky to have gotten you and will be very glad that they did. Bravo Maestro!!!

Cathy and Mike Mayton

Stella Boyle Smith is smiling from above! She would be proud of you and for you. Welcome to Little Rock. WE are the lucky ones to land the MANN, but know that you and Tatiana are going to LOVE it here! Counting the days until October 2!


Congratulations, Phillip! Little Rock is going to love you, and Tatiana too!


What a warm welcome! Congrats Philip (and great 'score' Arkansas)...

Brian Wagner

Congratulations to Little Rock and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra - you have landed a great Mann! Great things ahead -

Janet & John

Wow Phil! Looks like they know how to roll out the red carpet. Congratulations and hope to see you soon!

Love, John & Janet

Kay Arnold

Bravo for making Arkansas your home. We are glad you are here!

David Belcher

Philip, we are thrilled to welcome you as the new Music Director of our Arkansas Symphony Orchestra!

Brandon Dorris

Welcome to Arkansas! I'm looking forward to Opening Night!


We're so glad you're here. Welcome to your new home!

Leslie Fay

Welcome to Little Rock, Philip! You'll love it here!


So glad you're here!! Can't wait for Opening Night!

Evan Marks

Welcome to Arkansas! Can't wait until Opening Night.