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The mission of the Sturgis Music Academy is to provide an opportunity for excellence in the pursuit of high-quality musical education with a focus on violin, based on methods and philosophies of Mimi Zweig, Shinichi Suzuki, and Paul Rolland. This is a proven method for developing confidence, creative thinking, and a general work ethic that will assist students' musical and non-musical endeavors. The Academy will also emphasize the partnership between parents and student in dealing with the challenges of learning the violin. The students of the Academy receive group and private lessons each week, as well as performance opportunities throughout the semester. The Academy now offers cello lessons as well. 

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  • Program period: August 20th – December 15th, 2018
  • Offering weekly private and group lessons for violin and cello 
    • For violin, we accept students ages 5-18.
    • For cello, the minimum age is 7, and we are only accepting new beginners or students with 1-year experience
  • Offering group and individual performance opportunities
  • Private lessons once a week (lesson length determined by the instructor)
  • Fees (based on the length of private lessons):

30-minute private lesson:


45-minute private lesson:


60-minute private lesson:


  • Fees include all classes and activities in the semester

Tentative Group Class Schedule 

  Monday Tuesday
4:15-5:15p Violin A Violin B
5:15-6:15p Cello A Violin C
6:15-7:15p Cello B Violin D

Important Announcement

  • Financial aid is available. (Contact Tze-Ying for the application form)
  • Registration and financial aid application deadline: August 17th, 2018
  • Tuition in full by September 7th, 2018 (Contact Tze-Ying for payment options)
  • Tuition by two installments by September 7th, 2018 and October 19th, 2018


  • For private lesson, the location will be determined by the teacher.
  • Group lessons are held at Byrne Hall: 2417 North Tyler Street, Little Rock, AR, 72207.

Tentative Fall Semester Calendar

  • August 20—Private and group lessons begin
  • August 20—Monday group lessons held in Fitzgerald Hall2414 North Tyler Street, Little Rock, AR  72207
  • September 3 and 4—No group classes
  • September 11—Tuesday group classes held in Fitzgerald Hall2414 North Tyler Street, Little Rock, AR  72207
  • September 30—Pre-ASO concert performance at 2:30p in the Robinson Performance Hall (VIOLIN ONLY)
  • October 27—Halloween Concert (Time and Place TBD)
  • November 12 and 13—No group classes
  • November 19—Thanksgiving break begins (no group and private lessons) 
  • December 15—Solo recitals in Byrne Hall (Time TBD)

Faculty Contact Information (click name for bio)

Sturgis Music Academy Director Ms. Tze-Ying Wu

Katherine Williamson

Ethan Young

 Please contact Tze-Ying for any questions!



Program description

The program offers weekly one-on-one private lessons and group lessons to students of all levels age 5-18 years old for violin and cello, to accelerate and reinforce the work done during the year and to give beginners a strong foundation. The group lessons also include an introduction to music theory and opportunities to perform.

*For cello, the minimum age of enrollment is 7

Class offerings and fees for new beginners

  • Fees: $120
  • 30-minute one-on-one private lesson once a week
  • 60-minute group class once a week

Class Offering and fees for all other level students

  • Fees:

30-minute private lesson:


45-minute private lesson:


60-minute private lesson:


  • Private lessons twice a week (lesson length determined by the instructor)
  • 60-minute group class once a week

Tentative Group Class Schedule




4:00-5:00 p.m.

Violin Class A


5:00-6:00 p.m.

Violin Class B

Cello Class A

5:40-6:40 p.m.

Violin Class C

Cello Class B

*Class A applies to beginners

*Classes B-C applies to all other level students


All lessons and events held at Byrne Hall (2417 N Tyler Street, Little Rock, AR, 72207)

Tentative Program Calendar

  • June 8— Registration deadline
  • July 2— Group and private lessons begin
  • July 8— Violin Class for Parents at 3 pm
  • July 13— Tuition payment deadline
  • July 15—Ice Cream Social at 3 pm
  • July 22—Music Appreciation at 3 pm
  • July 27—Solo recitals I & II (at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm)
  • July 28—Summer Celebration concert, dress rehearsal at 3:15 pm and concert at 4 pm

Summer Session Faculty Information (Click name for bio)

Sturgis Music Academy Director Dr. Tze-Ying Wu (Violin)

Leanne Day-Simpson (Violin)

Ethan Young (Cello)

Backstage: The ASO Blog

Sturgis Music Academy Summer Gala Concert, July 1, 2017


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