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SHARP is a group of young professionals enjoying contemporary social experiences that provide networking opportunities, enlightening programs, and community connection while promoting audience growth and sustainability for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. This group is open to anyone, age 21 and older, who wants to spend time with like-minded young professionals who enjoy the arts and strive to give back to the community to keep Arkansas a great place to live.


Stacey Martin, Chair

martin stacey sharp

Corey Loftis, Co-Chair

corey sharp


Current Members
Stacey Martin
Wes Martin
Corey Loftis
Eliza Borne
Deeann Minor
Jogee Lenarduzzi
Jill Floyd
Josie George
Steven Reynolds
Marc Miller
Maria Craig, Chief Fiscal Officer, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Teresa Bau
Mac Barnes
Christopher White
Kaitlin White
Michelle Eddington
Jake Eddington
Kaitlyn Hill
Laneigh Pfalser
Andrew Warren
Javia Jacobs
Audrian Harville
Justin Craig, Associate Attorney - Carney, Pates, & Pulliam, PLLC
Ashley Jones, Law Clerk to Judge Cathleen V. Compton - Pulaski County Circuit Court
Benjamin Batten, Assistant Chief of Fisheries Management - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Marcella Melandri, Teacher - Mount Saint Mary Academy
Jessica Ardrey
Becky Flynn
Heather Honaker
Rebecca Kirkpatrick
Christian Eddings
Brandon Dorris
David Renfro
Tiffany Mattzela
Leanne Day-Simpson
Logan Parke
Geoff Robson

SHARP Events

Entergy Kids Ticket

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