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ASO Supporters

Individual Donors

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra is deeply grateful to the following individuals who support our concert season and services to the community through generous contributions to the Annual Fund. Special appreciation to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Foundation, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Guild, the Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild, and the Russellville Symphony Guild for their extraordinary support.

Platinum Baton ($15,000+)

Elizabeth Andreoli and Joe Goellner
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Debi Barnes
Brigita Gardner
Ellen Gray
Jan and Dr. Randal Hundley
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Moore
Cindy and Charles Murphy III
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Rebsamen Fund
Dale and Lee Ronnel
Stella Boyle Smith Trust
Irene and Gus Vratsinas

Gold Baton ($10,000+)

Maureen and Rick Adkins
Mary Anna Chop Charitable Trust
Nancy and Tom Crow
Terri and Chuck Erwin
Drs. Laura and Steve Hutchins
Julie and Christoph Keller III
Drs. Lee Abel and Eleanor Kennedy
Drs. Jeannette Lee and Philip Kenney
Kimberly Hillis and Dr. Jean Matchett
Mary and Mark Millsap
Lenore and Louis Schickel
Beth and Dr. Dick Wheeler

Philip Mann Society ($5,000+)

Kay Kelley Arnold
Phyllis and Michael Barrier
Debbie and Rob Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bennett, Jr.
Diane Allen and René Bressinck, M.D.
Susan and Nick Brown
Lisa Brumley
Meredith and Graham Catlett
Gert Clark
Alan Cochran and Jose Vazquez
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens*
Jane and Pete Cornish
Mary Frances and Ralph Cotham
Virginia Flynn and Dr. Joe Crow
Sandra and Matthew De Luca
Dora Jane and Greg Flesher
Col. A. Robert and Dorothy Fortney
June and Edmond Freeman III
Marion Fulk and Jeff Rosenzweig
Cindy and Charlie Fuller
Martha and Tom Galek
Dr. Mary L. Good
Drs. May and Jack Griebel
Cheryl Harris
Lisa and Dr. John Hayes
Sharon Heflin
Linda Vail Holbert
Dr. Thomas Jefferson and Mr. Joseph Lampo
Dr. Jerry G. Jones
Jeanne and Harold Joyner
Ruthe and Philip Kaplan
Suzanne and Kent Kuch
Mary and Dr. Dean Kumpuris
Susan and Dr. James Marsh
Dr. and Mrs. George K. Mitchell
Susie and Charles Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nunnelly III
Eileen and Patrick O'Sullivan
Eva and Dr. Jim Pappas
Lynn and Chris Parker
Sherry and Mike Richardson
Dr. Lamar Riggs
Drs. Joanna and Robert Seibert
Steven W. Shirm, M.D.
Jeannette M. Shorey, M.D.
Belinda Shults
Samantha and Ernie Skyrme
Martha N. Sowell
Nan and Dr. Art Squire
Grace and John Steuri
Elizabeth and Dr. Chris Stinnett
Philip Trimble
Patricia and James Wallis
Terri and Dr. Charlie Watkins
Chris White
Carolyn and John Witherspoon
Sherry Worthen

Diamond Society ($2,500+)

Dr. Ruth Marie Allen
Dr. Teresita L. Angtuaco
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Dr. Beverly Foster and T. Martin Davis*
Becky and Jim Gifford
Harrison Energy Partners
Susan and Dr. Charles Hiller
Dr. Soledad Jasin
W. W. and Ann Jones Charitable Trust
Rhonda and Steven Keith
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Lee
Ms. Jane McKinney and Mr. Richard Tripodi
Susan Petty-Moneyhon and Carl Moneyhon
Dr. and Mrs. Alvah J. Nelson III
Carolyn and Justice David Newbern
Delia Prather
Denise and John Rowland
Karen and Gary Shires
Rhonda Wenberg
Camille Williams
Mary and Jim Wohlleb

Conductor's Club ($1,250+)

Celia and Dr. Howard Barnhard
Karen Barnwell
Nan Selz and Chris Barrier
Donna and Dr. Joseph Bates
Glenn Beasley and Monica Denham
Peyton Bishop
Nancy and Dr. Warren Boop
Dr. Brenda Booth*
Luana Bracy*
Julie and Robert Cabe
Molly and Glenn Crawshaw
Sangeeta and Debasis Das
Charles Davidson
Irene and George Davis
Flo and Dr. Jim Deer
Karen and John DiPippa
Dr. Lee Lee Doyle
Maryann and Jack East III
Patricia J. Edstrom
Jan and Victor Ellsworth
Joyce and Jim Faulkner
Sandra and Mike Flynn
Faith Anaya and Barry Goldberg
Ken Gould and Judy Lansky
Julianne D. Grundfest
Helen and Fred Harrison
Wanda Hartnuss and Werner Schwarz
Drs. Betty and Charles Hathaway
Drs. Cynthia Ross and Martin Hauer-Jensen
Howard and Barbara Hawes
Betty and Jerry Herron
Betsy and Cyril Hollingsworth
Nancy and Richard Jorgensen
Jim and Gerelyn Kelly
Molly and Larry Kircher
Rafael and Susan Bell León
Lauriann Lines
Christina Littlejohn
Donna Lombardi and Doug Smith
Dodie and Lewis Mahoney
Karin and Dr. Stavros Manolagas
Paulette and Jay Mehta
Teddi and Dr. W. Steven Metzer
Carl Miller, Jr. Foundation
Drs. Roberta and Thomas Monson
Marita and Sarkis Nazarian
Ann Nicholson
Paul and Elizabeth Nyhus
Peter and Pattie O'Connell*
Alyce and John Parker
Dr. Sara E. Peeples
Lynne and Dr. Paul Phillips
Harriett Phillips*
Patricia and Mark Pollack
Dr. Rob Porter
Mary and Dr. Robert Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Pugh
Mr. Robert Pugh and Mrs. Frances Pugh
Nancy F. Rector, M.D.
Leanna and David Renfro*
Martha and Carl Rosenbaum
Anna Cox and Jim Rule
Diana Taylor and John Senner
Farideh and Gene Shelby
Jawanda and LeMoyne Smith
Martha M. Smither
Nancy Spaulding*
Ann Squyres
Stephen Stair
Richard and Dr. Judyth A. Swingen
Amy and Kent Taylor
Pat and Bill Tedford
Leah Willett and Mike Terrell
Judy and Rev. David Tews
Charles Thomas
Mrs. Judy Trice
Toni and Don Wallace
Mrs. Betty Jo Ward
WER Architects/Planners
Diane Wilder and Porter Briggs
Jan Zimmerman

Supporting ($750+)

Meagan and Daniel Adams
Dr. Perry and Carol Amerine
Susan and Philip Axelroth
Kaye and Marvin Baden
Sally and Tim Blewett
Elizabeth and Robert Brave
Drs. Sandra Chai and John Brineman
Elizabeth and Roger Cline
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clough
Lorna and Mark Coffey
Cynthia L. Conger
Sandra and Robert Connor
Patty and Don Crabbe
Dr. Jennifer Dillaha
Jacquelyne and Hugh Dorminy
Jackye and Curtis Finch, Jr.
Isabel Wanzer Fisk
Karen and John Flake*
Alice and Richard Fresquez
Gus Fulk
Jim and Charlotte Gadberry
Pauline and Alan Gerstein
Mary Haley
Dottie and Stuart Hankins
Linda and David Hargis
Anita and Ron Hayden
Fran Henderson and Mike Watts
Ron and Jo Anne Holmes
Barbara R. Hoover
Sandy Hunt
Lillian Jones
Ouida and George Keck
Joe Keith
Karl Kullander
Becky Matthews
Mary and Jack Mulkey
Priscilla O'Malley
Carolyn Oswald
Jean and John Owen
Glenda and Robert Schmidt
Sally and Walter Sedelow
Susan and Jim Shifflet
Bob and Connie Shoemaker
Nancy C. Smith
Mary Ann Taft
Dr. Theodora Vanderzalm
Drs. Sanford Benjamin and Barbara Vogt
Kathleen and David Witchger

Associate ($500+)

Paige and Glenn Ballard
Mary Jo Bevis
Linda Bly and Ed Turnage
Anne E. Boyd
Jay Buechley
Charleen and Edgar Copeland
Francine and Eric Del Giacco
Martha and LTC (Ret.) Carroll Dunn
Dr. Debra Henry Fiser
Drew and Mara George
Jane Gillespie
Angie Greer
David F. Gruenewald
Michael Hagen
Victoria and Dr. A. David Hall
Mary Ann and Andrew Hiegel
Dr. Chet & Ann Hight
Judy and Dr. Robert Jilka
Margaret and Peter Johnson
Janet and Leland Jones
George and Kathy Lease
Alicia Paladino-Leis and Jeff Leis
Maxwell J. Lyons II
Dr. Rochelle Mann
Dr. and Mrs. J. Zachary Mason
Rebecca and Tom McDonald
Thomas McGowan
Sondra and Dr. Richard E. McKelvey
Carolyn and George McLeod
Michael McMillian
Diane and Dr. Barry McVinney
Helen Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Perez
Kristianna and John Pittenger
Jeff Pugh
Kathleen Shelton
Mary and Dr. Hugh Silkensen
Sue Sims*
Dr. and Mrs. Gene Singleton
Mary and David Smith
Katherine Stanick
Suzanne and Chuck Stofer
Jane and John Thompson
Annabelle and Henry Tuck
Teresa and Glenn Walker
Sue Walls
Paul J. Weisenfels
Dr. and Mrs. Galen Wenger
Sue and Jeff Westgate
Rebecca Wilson
Marsha and Dr. Ronald Winters
Barbara Woodyear

Participating ($250+)

Mary Z. Adams
Dale and Marleen Anderson
Barbara and Michael Baker
Dan and Donna Bartell
Dr. David and Kathy Bauman
Shirley Bowling
Sharon and Dr. Donald Boyd
Dorothy Braithwaite
Vernon Brewer
Barbara and Lee Burroughs
Marsha and Norman Callaway
Scott Carter*
Craig Chotard
Dr. Clif Christopher
Jon Claas
Nancy and Dr. Richard B. Clark
Anna and Dr. Nathaniel Cooney*
Cathy and Jerry Core
Charlene A. Costa
April and James Counts
Anne and Charlie Crow
Renay and David Dean, M.D.
Andrea and William Dobson
Michelle and Joseph Dowell
Kathy and Charles Eckerson
Irene A. Edgar
Jo Evelyn Elston
Olga Elwood
Donald Evans
Jean and Darrell Fisher
Denise and Fred Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Emery L. Francis
Paula Furlough
Diana and Johnny Glaze
Carolyn and Michael Gray*
JoAnn Greene
Linda and John Greer
Karen Griebling*
Louise and Roy Gutierrez
Chris Hackler and Susan Stroock
Rebecca Haley
Dawn and Otis Howe III
Liz and Dennis Jacks, M.D.
Mary L. Kennedy
Kitiara Blue Media, LLC*
Soheila Korourian
Joyce and Robert Landgren
Helen T. Leigh
Dr. John Leisenring and Ms. Barbara Mueller
Cherry Light
Christina Littlejohn
Longevity Advisors, PLLC
Arthur Manthey
Jackie and Charles Martin
Beth and C.C. McCandless
Ann and Jack McCollum
Mary Beth McDonald
Mary Ann and Bob McKuin
Mrs. Jane P. McMullin
Sheila and T. Michael Mehaffy
Drs. Keith Wolter and Jill Mhyre
Linda and William Monson
Ann Mullens
Diana and John Murphy
Charlotte and Dr. William Murry
Network for Good
Dr. J.B. Norton
Jason Ortega
Sarah Spencer and Fred Oswald
Charlotte and David Paul
Joyce Peck
Alice Perry
Don Pfeifer
Jacqueline and Col. Arno L. Ponder
Jane and John Prather
Donald Putnam
Drs. Greg and Kay Reed
Inez and Kevin Reeder
Dana Ritchie
Cathey and Ken Robbins
Elisa and Dr. Ashley Ross
Barbara Samuels
Joyce Scates and John Bowyer
Cathy Schwartz
Judi and Steve Short
Melanie and William Siegel
Anita and Kent Skinner
Marcelline Smith
Ladona and Charles Smith
Connie and Ed Staley
Janet and Michael Stewart
Jeannette and Karl Straub
Marcia and Michael Szabo
Pat and Bob Torvestad
Cheryl Wadley
Ann Prentice Wagner
Lillie F. Wallick
Maybian and Don Wardlaw
Dale and Roger Webb
Ronald Wehmann
Mary Wells
Cappy and Charles Whiteside
Marnie and Dennis Wightman
Dr. and Mrs. R. Sloan Wilson
Bill Wingfield
David and Pamela Wood
Ginger and Nicholas Wright
Linda Young
Joan Zumwalt

Friend ($100+)

Larry Allen and Arline Jackson
Becky and Mark Allison
Donna Anderson
Ann and Samuel Anderson
Sayaka Araki
Waltraud Arnold
Toni Bachman
Barbara Jean Ltd.
Bill Barnes
Shelby Church and Jack Barry
Jeannie M.A. Bates
Barbara and Austin Bell
Joseph Berg
Barbara Blaylock
Dr. Bill Bloodworth
Brett and Andrea Bolan
Jeanne Bonar
R. Gayle Bone
Dr. Samuel Boyd
Carl Anthony and Carolyn Brown
Jean Brown
Retired Judge Robert Brown and Charlotte Brown
Helen Buchanan
Joi Burton
Kathy and Benny Cagle
Mary Jane and John Calhoun, Jr.
The Rev. Donald K. Campbell II
Mary L. Cantwell
Larry and Beth Carpenter
Maria Castro and Charles Napolitano
Barbara and Glen Cavallo
Ruth Chrenko
Jane Clark
Ann Cooper
Frances and Wayne Cranford
Lee and Bob Cress
Gail and David Davis
Kerri Davis
Margaret and Dick Dearnley
Sharon and Donald Deems, Jr.
Patricia S. DePriest
Stefanie and Paul Dickinson
Bonnie Dorman
Laura and Brandon Dorris
Carolyn Duncan
Lawrence A. Eckhart
Gwendolyn and Rev. E. Eugene Efird
Dr. Steve and Sherry Efird
Angela Evans
Felice and Robert Farrell
Karen Fawley
Karen and Jerold Fetzer
Jeanne and Robert Fitzgerald
Jan and Tom Fowler
William Fox
Ann B. Franklin
Joan Gage
Sharon and Lowell Gardner
Vicki and Leon Gershner
Donald Guillory
Marilyn M. Hall
Betty Lou and Frank Hamlin
Sharon and Dr. Edwin Hankins III
Shirley and Ray Hankins
Mrs. Lorraine Hannah
Nancy Hannon
Ruth and Christian Harrison
Kim Harrison
Linda and Larry Hartsfield
Nancy Haynes
Sandy Miller Hays
Anita and Dr. John C. Henderson
Frank Herring
Mary Bea and Ken Hiegel
William Hiers
Dolores Hietbrink
Steve Hinsley
Karen Hisel
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hodges
Mary Jane and Drew Hodges
John Hodoway
Ted Holder and Joe Van den Heuve
Karen and Ray Holliday
Judith Hunt
Sarah Ann Irby
Deb and Bill Jeffs
Melrose and Larry Johnson
Ellen and Clint Johnson
Ruth Ann and Jim Johnson
Dr. Ricky Johnson
Sally Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Shelli Jordan
Barbara and John Keller
Dianna Kilburn
Rev. Howard Lee Kilby
Rebecca Kirkpatrick Bahn
Betty Ann and Larry Korbus
Gayle Kordsmeier
Virginia Kurrus
Joseph D. Laface
Nancy Langlais
Karen Lauck
Nikki and Larry Lawson
Caroline Lemen and Norbert Nielubowski
Polly Leonard
Rebecca Levy
Emily and Dr. Richard Lewis
Charlotte Linch
Pollye and Dr. Ben Lincoln
John Lindley
Sharon Lovell
Betty and Gus Ludwig
Lowell F. Lynde, Jr.
John Mac Leod
Ella Maciejewski
Cammie and David Mackey
Deborah and Michael Malek
Betty and Alex Manz
Ruth and Henry Mariani
Otho Jean Marlar
Garth and Joann Martin
Drs. Floyd W. and Rebecca E. Martin
Reed Martin
Jane and Robert Martin
Beth and Carl Mason*
Nell Matthews-Mock
Christine and George Mayo
Tauna and David McBee
Mary McBeth
Searcy and Betty McBurnett
Sandra McDonald
Therese McFall
O'Lynn McInerney
Joyce McMillan
Richard Meyer
Kathryn and Joe Miles
Elizabeth F. Minton
Justin and Dr. Kate Mitchell
Eleanor S. Mitchell
Dr. Rita L. Monsen
Melissa Moody
Hertha and Lester Moriconi
John Moritz
Carolyn and John Nagel
Dr. Mayumi Nakagawa
Sandra and Richard Newberg
Carol Ann and Don Nolley
Dr. William Ormsbee
Donna and Charles Osborne
Dee and John L. Ostner
Georgann Ozment
Richard Patterson
Lorene and James Patterson
Ayse and Hakan Paydak
Lynda & Terry Perry
Betty Peterson
Alice and Robert Pfeiffer
Alan and Dina Rail
Maxine Ramage
Mary Lou and Terry Rasco
Dr. Kathleen Rea and Timothy Hood
Robert Reddish
Linda Reynolds
Laura and David Richards
Melanie Riley
Kathryn Roberts
Joy and Lynn Rockenbach
A. Andre and Louise Rollefson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ross
Kathryn and William Rubenstein
Helen L. Russell
Frank and Ruth Rysan
Dr. and Mrs. Ethan J. Schock
John J. Schuetz
Mary Jo and Steve Scott
Ben Seay
Howard and Carol Semey
Anne Shadle
Johnnie Shinn
Jean Silva
Burton Singer
Angela R. Parker and David Sink
Diane and Bob Skinner
Ginny Smith
Sandra Smith
Terese Smith
Betty and David Snellings
Logan Scott Stafford
Brian Brown and Anita Starrett
Lenora and Richard Steinkamp
Marye Jo Stetzer
Joe Stewart
Earl Stockdale
Donald Stordahl
Trish Brown and Harry Stringfellow
Sharon Stuart
JoNancy Linn Sundberg
Sharon Sweeney
Charles Tadlock
Peiyi Tang and Ming Tao
Thomas E. Tarpley
Celia Thompson
Drs. Dola T. and John Pauly
Pat and Rick Thoren
Valerie Thwing
Anna Marie Trueman
Col. Harold A. and Debbie Tucker
Karla Fournier and Michael Underwood
Helen and Delbert Vanlandingham
Suzanne Waggoner
Ralph Wallace and Dr. Julie Hixson-Wallace
Lynn and A. J. Walsh
Amelia Walters
Mary and T. L. Waniewski
Rolland and Mary White
C. James Wierdsma
Ralph Wilcox
Ronnie and Koasina Williams-Madison
Katherine Williamson
Robert J. Wilson
Jane M. Wilson
Barbara and George Wise
Mary Ann Witcraft
Shelley and Donald Wold
James and Carol Woolly


* Denotes Sustaining Donors of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, contributing monthly to support music and music education across Arkansas.

Corporate & Foundation

The ASO gratefully acknowledges the following corporations and foundations for their generous annual support, including gifts-in-kind and matching gifts.

Platinum ($50,000+)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Guild
Riggs Benevolent Fund
Stella Boyle Smith Trust
Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust

Gold ($25,000+)

Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau
Little Rock Marriott
Simmons Bank, Education Challenge Sponsor
Sissy's Log Cabin
Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits

Silver ($15,000+)

Arkansas Arts Council
Bank of America
Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield
DoubleTree Hotel
Entergy Arkansas
Mary Anna Chop Charitable Trust
Metal Recycling Corporation
The Murphy Group
Russellville Symphony Guild
Rebsamen Fund
Southwest Power Pool
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Tanarah Luxe Floral
Vratsinas Foundation

Bronze ($10,000.00+)

Dillard's, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
Pleasant Ridge Town Center
Thoma Thoma

Crystal ($5,000.00+)

Bank OZK
Bass Family Charitable Foundation
Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C.
Friday, Eldredge & Clark
Hank's Fine Furniture
Heflin Family Foundation
Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Marie D. Cecil Trust
McIlroy. Keen. Goodman, LLP
Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C.
Nabholz Construction Services
Russellville Symphony Guild
Stephens, Inc.
U.S. Bank


Allegra Little Rock
AmazonSmile Foundation
Bailey Foundation
Barbara Jean Ltd.
Carl H. Miller, Jr. Foundation
Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program
ExxonMobil Foundation
Harrison Energy Partners
Hussman Foundation
W.W. and Ann Jones Charitable Trust
Ken Rash's Arkansas
Levy Family Living Trust
Longevity Advisors, PLLC
McGriff Insurance Services
Network for Good
Relyance Bank
Stephen Wirges with Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock
Stone Ward
WER Architects/Planners

Gifts listed were made between 3/1/17 and 9/11/18. If you have questions, please contact Cambria Bailey in the ASO Development office at (501) 666-1761, ext. 112 or CBailey @


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A donation to ASO puts instruments in the hands of children, makes live symphonic music accessible to all Arkansans, and makes it possible for world-class musicians to call Arkansas home. 

Every dollar counts, and each donation helps ensure a sustainable, thriving future for ASO.

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