Thank You!

Thank you! ASO Giving Day 2020 a Huge Success: $210,039.84 Raised!

Your Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and its musicians were overwhelmed with support and love from our community yesterday. Thank you to each of you who contributed to ASO Giving Day!

Not only did you help us reach our initial goal of $135,000, and then our stretch goal of $195,000, your generosity pushed us over the top to an incredible $210,039.84 raised! We also surpassed our goals of new, first time donors and total donations—thank you! Because of people like you and the gifts you made yesterday, ASO musicians are able to continue to connect, enrich, inspire, and advance Arkansas through the power of music – now during the pandemic, and when life eventually goes back to normal.

We also extend a very special thank you to our Board members and anonymous donors who have stepped up to give generous matching funds so ASO Giving Day donations would have an even greater impact! Thank you to Ellen Gray, Gus Vratsinas, Nancy and Tom Crow, Denise Compton and Doug Owens, Jane and Pete Cornish, Jan and Randal Hundley, and two anonymous donors!

We are excited to report our ASO Giving Day 2020 totals:

  • $210,039.84 raised!
  • 59 new donors!
  • 232 total donations!

Yesterday proved once again just how much you care about your ASO musician’s work in the community and how important it is to continue to make great music available for everyone.

ASO would like to thank Windgate Foundation for their $25,000 stabilization grant to support paying musicians during the pandemic.

Thank you for your generosity and for making a difference in the lives of Arkansans!

Thank you to the wonderful donors who helped make ASO Giving Day 2020 a success!

Drs. Lee Abel and Eleanor Kennedy
Mary Z. Adams
Elizabeth Andreoli and Joe Goellner
Dr. Teresita L. Angtuaco
Carl Anthony
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Debi Barnes
Bob Bidewell
Lesley Bingham and Chris Tackett
Tim and Sally Blewett
Dr. Brenda Booth
Dr. Mary Boudreau
Nemo Brauch: special thank you to Drew Irvin
Nancy and Tim Brophy
Carolyn Brown
Jamie Atkinson Bryant
Barbara and Lee Burroughs
Jeff & Stephanie Byers
Scott Whiteley Carter
Meredith and Graham Catlett
Patrick Cheng and Jennifer Co
Ms. Madison Stroth and Dr. Clif Christopher
Sam and Valour Cobbins
Alan Cochran and Jose Vazquez
Ellon and Rogers Cockrill
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens
Cynthia L. Conger
Mike and Jamie Coogan
Anna & Dr. Nathaniel Cooney
Cathy and Jerry Core
Jane & Pete Cornish
Patty and Don Crabbe
Nancy & Tom Crow
Linda Davidson
Cindy and Nick Dawson
Francine and Eric Del Giacco
Arthur Dercksen
Rick Dimond
Laura and Brandon Dorris
David and Joanna Douglass
Kate Dow
Dr. Lee Lee Doyle
Susan Louise Eckhart
Patricia J. Edstrom
Jennifer Ellis
Terri and Chuck Erwin
Marvin and Karen Fawley
Karen and Jerold Fetzer
Christina and Charles Feild
Oliver Fielf
Ellen P. Fischer
Jeanne and Robert Fitzgerald
Sandra and Mike Flynn
Alan and Pauline Noznick Gerstein
David Gerstein
Ann Gevock
Dr. James Graham, M.D.
Sally Graham and Paul Barnes
Ellen Gray

John and Linda Greer
Dr. Bob and Ann Griffin
Sybil and Alfred Hampton
Kimberly Harper: In honor of Drew Irvin
Harrison Energy Partners
Helen and Fred Harrison
Howard and Barbara Hawes
Lisa and Dr. John Hayes
Harold and Pam Hays
Donna Hayward
Shannon Heard
Frank and Michele Hellstern
Lela Elaine Henderson
Betty and Jerry Herron
Betsy and Cyril Hollingsworth
Jan and Dr. Randal Hundley
Drs. Steve and Laura Hutchins
Dr. Soledad Jasin
Jaimee & Ronald Jensen-McDaniel
Ruthe and Philip Kaplan
Nancy and Richard Jorgensen
Alexander Justiss
Stephen Kahler
Ouida and George Keck
Phil Keller
Jim and Gerelyn Kelly
Mary L. Kennedy
Tom and Lorraine Kitts
Joanna Klett
Gerald Koonce
Joyce and Bob Landgren
The Lange Family
Drs. Jeannette Lee and Philip Kenney
Caroline Lemen & Norbert Nielubowski
Robert Lindley
Christina Littlejohn
Ann Littlejohn: In memory of Dr. Samuel Littlejohn
Wes Littlejohn
June C. Lloyd
Nancy Lopez: In honor of Sandy McDonald-Happy Birthday!
Nancy Lopez: In honor of Thomas McDonald and Joanna Klett
Lace Luedke
Kathleen Madden
Arthur Manthey
Susan and Dr. James Marsh
Beth and Carl Mason
Jean Matchett and Kim Hillis
Mary Beth McDonald
Sandra McDonald
Thomas and Rebecca McDonald
Paul McDonnell
Vada McElmurry
Barry and Diane McVinney
Teddi and Dr. W. Steven Metzer
Dr. and Mr. Mayumi Nakagawa
Bonnie and Sam Nickol
Dr. J.B. and Chesta Norton
Kristen O'Connell
Peter and Pattie O'Connell
Priscilla and Patrick O'Malley

Wayne Oudekerk & Diane Robinson
Dr. Ed Owen
Desiree Sheehan Palculict
Viktoras Palys
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Leanna and David Renfro
Kater Reynolds
Tracey and Joe David Rice
Stacy and Bob Roberts
Ann Robinson
Geoffrey Robson
Cynthia Ross and Martin Hauer-Jensen
Russellville Symphony Guild
Lois Sandusky
Kari Schulz
Kestin Schulz
Karen and Jerry Scroggins
Joanna and Robert Seibert
Lonnie Sessler
Haeshin Shin
Steven W. Shirm, M.D.
Judi and Steve Short
Melanie and Bill Siegel
Doug, Leanne, and Oliver Simpson
Emily Smith
LeMoyne and Jawanda Smith
Nancy Spaulding: In memory of Robert Spaulding
Anne and Breck Speed
Ann Squyres
Lenora and Richard Steinkamp
Elizabeth and Dr. Chris Stinnett
Kathleen Stokka
Tony Taylor
Frank Thurmond
Brenda Tirey
Melinda and Lou Tobian
Donna Toney
Mrs. Judy Trice
Philip Trimble
Allison Tschiemer and Will Scott
Michael P. Underwood
Shirley Vanderslice
Stephanie and John Vanderslice
Gus Vratsinas
James and Paula Walter
David Walters & Amy Yetley
Mary Watson
Mike Watts & Fran Henderson
Ms. Peggy Wells
C. James Wierdsma
Shannon Wiggins
Mary Wildgen
Katherine Williamson
Carlton and Leigh Wing
Marsha and Dr. Ronald Winters
Carolyn and John Witherspoon
Duane and Ann Wunsch
Linda Young
Pele and Wilma Yu

ASO Giving Day 2020

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