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ASO Giving Day:

A 24-Hour Online Day of Giving


ASO Givign Day | April 18, 2019


Thank you to the wonderful donors who helped make the last ASO Giving Day a success!

Mary Adams
Meagan Adams
Maureen and Rick Adkins
Michael Alred
Elizabeth Andreoli and Joseph Goellner
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Bank of America Matching Gift
Debi Barnes
Monica Denham and Glenn Beasley
MaryJo Beasley
Timothy Blewett
Donna Bojus
Brenda M. Booth
Luana Bracy
Ann Bridgers
Carolyn Brown and Carl Anthony
Barbara Burroughs
Charles Carpenter, Jr.
Jody Carreiro
Kandy Cayce
Jon Claas
Jose Vazquez and Alan Cochran
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens
Mary Francis and Ralph Cotham
Ann and Charlie Crow
Nancy and Tom Crow
Amanda Curcio
Kerri Davis
Dr. Beverly Foster and T. Martin Davis
Sandra and Matt De Luca
Dick and Maggie Dearnley
Celia Decker
Arthur Dercksen
Paul and Stefanie Dickinson
Rick Dimond
Karen and John DiPippa
Jacqueline Divino
William Dobson
Laura and Brandon Dorris
Kathy and Chuck Eckerson
Patricia J. Edstrom
Victor Ellsworth
Jo Evelyn Elston
Olga Elwood
Terri and Chuck Erwin
Felice Farrell
Karen and Marvin Fawley
Denise and Frederick Fleming
Becky Flynn
Karla Fournier
Marion Fulk
Brigita Gardner
Pauline and Alan Noznick-Gerstein
David Gerstein
Lauren Ghelardini
Curtis Goolsby
Marianne Hampton
Cynthia Ross and Martin Hauer-Jensen
Lisa and Dr. John Hayes
Harold Hays
Donna Hayward
Elaine Henderson
Ron Holmes
Jan and Dr. Randal Hundley
Tierra Hutley
Judy and Dr. Robert Jika
Nancy and Richard Jorgensen
Ruthe and Philip Kaplan
Mary Lowe Kennedy
Drs. Jeannette Lee and Philip Kenney
Dianna Kilburn
Trudy Kincade
Rebecca Kirkpatrick
Jean Kohler
Soheila Korourian
Dee Lance
Robert Landgren
Nikki Lawson
Kathy and George Lease
Caroline Lemen
Rafael and Susan Bell Leon
John Lindley
Donna Lombardi and Doug Smith
Dr. Ruth Marie Allen
Reed Martin
Scott H. Mason
Nell Matthews
Mary Beth McDonald
Sandra McDonald
Carolyn and George McLeod
Diane and Barry McVinney
Jill Mhyre
Mary and Mark Millsap
Kate and Justin Mitchell
Susan and Carl Moneyhon
Drs. Roberta and Thomas Monson
Melissa Moody
Norma and Dr. Robert B. Moore
Tammy Nicolo
Thomas Norman
Chesta and Dr. J.B. Norton
Kristen O'Connell
Priscilla O'Malley
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Harriett Phillips
Clyde Pound
Jane and John Prather
Roger Pritchett
Jeff Pugh
Alan Rail
Leanna and David Renfro
Laura Riedinger
Kathryn Roberts
Judith Robey
Denise and John Rowland
Jim Rule
Dan Santelices
Kari Schulz
Margaret Schulz
Karen Scroggins
Kathryn Searcy
Mary Sharbaugh
Brent Shires
Steve Shirm
Jeannette M. Shorey, M.D.
Belinda Shults
Sue Sims
Robert Skinner
Ladona Smith
Sandra Smith
Terese Smith
Ann Squyres
Catherine St. Amour
Richard Steinkamp
Steuri Family Endowment
Joe Stewart
Elizabeth and Dr. Chris Stinnett
Russellville Symphony Guild
Suzanne and Chuck Stofer
Sharon Sweeney
Judyth Swingen
Pat and Bill Tedford
Pat and Bob Torvestad
Hannah Trice
Samuel Trotter
Annabelle and Henry Tuck
Michael Underwood
Mary Wells
Scott Whiteley Carter
Marnie and Dennis Wightman
Camille Williams
Sherry Williams
Katherine Williamson
Leigh Wing
David and Kathleen Witchger
Carolyn and John Witherspoon
Linda Young
Mary Zeagler
Marc Zyla

ASO Day of Giving Countdown

April 18, 2019

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