ASO Concertmaster Andrew Irvin has been named to Musical America's Top 30 Professionals of the Year!

Read the Special Report Here.


Thank You!

Thank you for Making ASO Giving Day 2021 a Huge Success: $216,306.50 Raised!

ASO Giving Day 2021 exceeded all expectations and the entire ASO family is grateful for the support of our community. Thank you to each of you who contributed on ASO Giving Day!

Your generous support helped push past our initial goal of $150,000 in record time and our stretch goal of $200,000. Your spirit of giving led to an astounding $216,306.50 raised! This is the most ASO has ever raised on ASO Giving Day – thank you!

You are the reason why ASO can connect, enrich, inspire, and advance Arkansas through the power of music. Because of you, students across the state can watch a quartet demonstration, pick up and learn the violin, or participate in the ASO Youth Ensembles through a scholarship. Thank you!

We’d like to extend a very special thanks to our Board members, anonymous donors, and musicians who stepped up to give generous matching funds so your donations had an even bigger impact! Thank you to Cindy and Chip Murphy, Ellen Gray, Jan and Randal Hundley, Pete and Jane Cornish, and musicians who donated!

Thank you again for your amazing support. Your donations are an investment in your community and we are grateful for you!


Thank you to the wonderful donors who helped make ASO Giving Day 2021 a success!

Anonymous (14)
Meagan and Daniel Adams
Ross Alhorn and Brianne Little
Drs. Sylvia and Edward Angtuaco
Dr. Teresita L. Angtuaco
Susan and John Antonetti
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Celia K. Barnhard
Glenn Beasley and Monica Denham
Bob Bidewell
Dr. Brenda Booth
Dr. Mary Boudreau
Vernon Brewer
Nancy and Tim Brophy
Patricia R. Brown
Sandra and Dale Brubaker
Joi Burton
Angeline Button
Scott Whiteley Carter
Crata L. Castleberry
Denise B. Chilcote
Ms. Madison Stroth and Dr. Clif Christopher
Dr. Richard B. Clark
Dana and Donald Colaianni
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens
Jerry Core
Jane and Pete Cornish
Lindsey Cosio
Nancy and Tom Crow
Betsy Davis
Julie and Patrick Dempsey
Chuck and Kathy Eckerson
Ms. Marleen Eddlemon
Jennifer Ellis
Julie Farrar
Nancy Fleming
Sandra and Mike Flynn
Doris Freshour
Marion Fulk and Jeff Rosenzweig
Cliff Ganus
Alan and Pauline Noznick Gerstein
Frank Gibson
Ms. Ellen M. Gray
Sybil Hampton
Nancy Hannon
Richard Harper
Drs. Cynthia Ross and Martin Hauer-Jensen
Sandy Miller Hays
Harold and Pam Hays
Elaine Henderson
Robert Herring
Frank Herring
Betty and Jerry Herron
Tara Hicks
Jeremy Holstead
Dr. and Mrs. Randal Hundley
Jaimee and Ron Jensen-McDaniel
Nancy and Richard Jorgensen
Dr. Anita Joshi
Kortnee Kalberer

Ouida and George Keck
Mary L. Kennedy
Drs. Philip Kenney and Jeannette Lee
Rev. Howard Lee Kilby
Joanna Klett
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Lee
Caroline Lemen & Norbert Nielubowski
Cherry Light
Wes Littlejohn
Christina Littlejohn
Elaine and Rick Lowens
Dr. Steve Mangan
Edwina Mann
Michelle and Mark Mann
Carolyn Y. Marsh
Julie and Lynn Marshall
Beth and Carl Mason
Mary Beth McDonald
Mary Ann and Bob McKuin
Metal Recycling Corporation
Caroline and David Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Murphy III
Walter Murray
Lynn and George O'Connor
Priscilla and Patrick O'Malley
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Don Pfeifer
Harriett Phillips
Karen and Roger Pritchett
Alan and Dina Rail
Leanna and David Renfro
Stacy and Bob Roberts
Geoff Robson
Dale and Lee Ronnel
WER Architects
Kari Schulz
Joanna and Robert Seibert
Gang Yeon Shin
Brent A. Shires
Steven W. Shirm, M.D.
Judi and Steve Short
Sue Sims
Nancy C. Smith
Martha M. Smither
Nancy Spaulding
Theresa Squires
Heather Starnes
Elizabeth and Dr. Chris Stinnett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stofer
Jan and Sam Trotter
Mr. and Justice Henry Tuck
Stephanie and John Vanderslice
Zeynep F. Vural
Peggy Wells
Beth and Dick Wheeler
Marnie and Dennis Wightman
Darrin and Nicole Williams
Carolyn and John Witherspoon
Duane and Ann Wunsch
Jacob Wunsch

ASO Giving Day 2021- GOAL SURPASSED!

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