Upcoming Auditions

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Next Audition Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 11-12

Location: Byrne Hall, 2417 N Tyler St, Little Rock, AR 72207

The next audition period will be in June 2022. Auditions may be scheduled by special appointment. Contact Barbara Burroughs HERE for more information.

An audition application must be received in order to schedule an audition! Audition times must be scheduled in advance.

Audition Requirements

Please review audition requirements here.

Students should prepare two contrasting selections that demonstrate their current level of playing. In addition, students should prepare a two or three-octave major and melodic minor scale. Sightreading will be requested.

An audition is required to join the ASO Youth Ensembles. Auditions are held twice annually and an audition application and appointment are required. Please review the audition requirements for the group you wish to join.

After you are notified of your audition results, please download the ASOYE Handbook and pay your tuition here.

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