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The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra would like to make finding a teacher easier for students of all ages. Listed below are those ASO musicians who have requested to be listed on the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's website. This is not a complete list of those ASO musicians who teach, and the ASO does not recommend one group of teachers over the other, nor certify that each teaching relationship will be the best one for you or your child. A productive student/teacher relationship takes place over time and must include a frank and honest discussion of student and teacher goals and objectives.

ASO Musicians: Please email the ASO Operations Manager if you would like to be added/removed from this list or to update your information.


Drew Irvin

Charlotte Crosmer
(501) 269-2738

Tatiana Kotcherguina
(501) 590-7702

Sandy McDonald
(501) 350-7381
Suzuki and Traditional Violin

Tom McDonald
(501) 580-5601

Kater Reynolds
(501) 952-5951
Teaches at home, virtually, UCA, and Hendrix

Magdalena Ryszkowski
(501) 352-6014

Algis Stackevicius
(501) 590-5117



Kater Reynolds
(501) 952-5951
Teaches at home, virtually, UCA, and Hendrix

Tatiana Kotcherguina
(501) 590-7702

Timothy MacDuff
(518) 321-7100

Tom McDonald
(501) 580-5601


David Gerstein

Rafael Leon
Cell: (501) 519-3785

Jacob Wunsch
Traditional instruction, and Suzuki certified


Russell Thompson
(440) 991-7076



Carolyn Brown

Barry McVinney
(501) 223-2574
Cell (501) 343-6189


Lorraine Duso Kitts
(501) 548-0284


Kelly Johnson


Susan Bell Leon
(501) 663-2680


Brandon Dorris
(501) 650-2260
Classical and jazz saxophone technique, improvisation, and music theory.

Barry McVinney
(501) 223-2574
Cell (501) 343-6189



David Renfro
(501) 551-5300

Brent Shires
(501) 450-5768
Cell (501) 472-3350
Faculty at UCA and MTNA nationally certified 

Durham Hill
(501) 666-1761 ext. 131


Carl Mason
Teaches all brass instruments. Based in Hoxie, AR.


Michael Underwood
(501) 569-3301

David Carter
(501) 554-3492


Ed Owen
(870) 926-0622
Also teaches euphonium. Based in Jonesboro, AR, and Bryant, AR.


Alisa Coffey
(703) 606-0769


Erick Saoud
Lessons at a central location or in the home. All percussion instruments including drum set.

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