Decade in the Black

June 30, 2019 marked your Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s 10th fiscal year in a row with a balanced budget!

Our sincere “Thank You!” to the more than 3,500 donors who have given to sustain live music, music education and Arkansas's quality of life over the past decade.

ASO’s decade in the black is only possible because of this generosity—the support of the community, a hard-working and engaged Board of Directors, professional musicians and a culture of partnership with all musicians, leadership, volunteers and administrators. We are grateful and invigorated by your support!

Highlights from ASO’s Decade in the Black:

  • Opened the Robinson Center with a free concert to say “thank you” to the community for the new concert hall. More than 2,000 tickets were distributed in 39 minutes!
  • Formed a financial recovery task force in 2010 which set standards and practices that enabled paying off of $700,000 accumulated deficit, restoration of full-time and part-time musician pay which had previously been cut, and issuing of cost of living pay increases 
  • Financially breaking even or finishing with a small surplus each year since the 2009-2010 season, while growing from a $2.8 million annual operating budget to a $3.5 million budget
  • Created the ASO String Academy, providing weekly string education to more than 250 students
  • More than 16,000 children have attended Sunday concerts free with the Entergy Kids Ticket
  • ASO’s Violin in Your School program is providing violin instruction to Bale Elementary School, Forest Park Elementary School, and Fulbright Elementary School, among others 
  • Added a new Intimate Neighborhood Concert (INC.) series and special performances, increasing the number of musician services
  • Supported annual residencies of guest artists for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Youth Ensembles program, starting with a residency of violinist Midori
  • Performed in temporary venues for two-and-a-half years during the Robinson Center renovation, using the opportunity to reach and entertain new, diverse audiences
  • Nearly doubled the endowment from $4 million in June 2010 to $7.6 million as of May 2019
  • Commissioned and premiered six new works for orchestra, including a commission of Christopher Theofanidis by orchestra musicians in honor of the Board of Directors
  • ASO Board of Directors recognized as "Best Non-Profit Board of Directors" by Arkansas Business
  • Set a new record for the largest annual fund ever raised by the orchestra, with more than $1 million given to the annual fund in fiscal year 2019
  • Received national and local coverage of orchestra programs
  • Introduced SHARP, ASO’s young professionals group, growing attendance from 30 in its first year to over 200 in four years

The 2019-2020 ASO season is focused on the Arkansas and Little Rock community, presenting programs in partnership with other community institutions, highlighting the compositions of local composers, and maintaining a commitment to accessibility, service, artistic excellence, and fiscal discipline. We are incredibly excited to share the future with you! 

A Decade of ASO Supporters

The following donors generously supported the ASO during ASO's Decade in the Black and are listed here as last specified to ASO. The list may not be exhaustive, and some individuals may be deceased.

 Anonymous (109 Individuals)
Abbey K Designs
Drs. Lee Abel and Eleanor Kennedy
Jane and Steve Abell
Lucy Abraham
Dennis Abraham
Kathleen and Harry Aburrow
ACCESS Group, Inc.
Accessory Gallery & Sparkle
Marlean Acker
Dr. and Mrs. George L. Ackerman
Kitiara Blue Media, LLC
Glen Acre
Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care
Acxiom Corporation
Jenny M. Adair
Donald R. Adams
Joan Adams
Kimberly Adams
Cynthia Adams
Mary Z. Adams
Meagan and Daniel Adams
Robert Adams
Deborah Adisa
Maureen and Rick Adkins
Advisors Charitable Gift Fund
AgPro Central
AgPro of England
Joyce Rhodes and H.C. Ahrens
Adjoa Aiyetoro
Antoine and Viviane
Star and Richard Akel
Karen and Thomas Akin
Wynelle Akin
Karen Alberg
Charlotte Albers
Margaret Albright
Barbara and Gary Albright
Heather and Danny Albright
Ivan Aldea
Karis Alderson
Dorothy Aldridge
Dr. and Mrs. Al and Cathy Alexander
Dr. Alice Alexander
Ray Alexander
All Thru The House
Bill Allen
Sharon K. Allen
Lindsey Watson Allen
Mary Allen
Robin Allen
Kay and Bill Allen
Robert Allen
Larry Allen and Arline Jackson
Dr. Ruth Marie Allen
Resi Allen
Becky and Mark Allison
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Allison
Heather and Scott Allmendinger
Jan and Larry Alman
Blanche Alman
Mr. Michael Alred
Dee and Larry Altenbaumer
John Althoff and Nancy Hamlin
AmazonSmile Foundation
Josephine Ambruzs
American Airlines
American Gold and Silver Exchange
Dr. Perry and Carol Amerine
Tiffany and James Ammerman II
Karen and Barry Ammons
Karen Andersen
Ann and Samuel Anderson
Karen Anderson
J. Roland and Judith Anderson
Ms. Annette Connaway and Mr. Philip Anderson
Jeana and Brian Anderson
Arlene and Egil Anderson
Rev. Howard Anderson
Wes Anderson
Dale and Marleen Anderson
Peggy and Carl Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Bill A. Anderson
Donna Anderson
Ann and Dr. Joel Anderson
Anderson Family Trust DTD
Elizabeth Andreoli and Joe Goellner
Drs. Sylvia and Edward Angtuaco
Dr. Teresita L. Angtuaco
Christine Angtuaco
Lawrence and Kristy Angyal
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Anonymous Endowment
Carl Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Antoine
George Antoniou
Apricot Girls Party Studio And Boutique
Sayaka Araki
Architectual Art
Aristotle, Inc.
Arkansas Arts Center
Arkansas Arts Council
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Arkansas Business Publishing Group
Arkansas Chamber Singers
Arkansas Community Foundation
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Arkansas Falun Dafa Association
Arkansas Festival Ballet
Arkansas Health & Wellness (Centene Corporation)
Arkansas Otolaryngology Center
Arkansas Repertory Theatre
Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre
Arkansas State Parks
Arkansas Surgical Hospital
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Foundation
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Guild
Arkansas Travelers Baseball Club
Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa
Kay Kelley Arnold
Rosemary Arnold
Karen and Gary Arnold
Waltraud Arnold
Janet Aronson
Jane and Bill Arthurs
Arvest Bank
Arvest Foundation
Margaret and Major General (Ret.) Thomas Arwood
Sheila Asghar and Horacio Acevedo
LuAnn and Rick Ashley
Lila Ashmore
AT&T Foundation
Marcia Atkinson
Drew Atkinson
Ginger Atkinson
Michelle Ator
Carole Ault
Autumn Road Family Practice, P.A.
Peggy Averbuch
Susan and Philip Axelroth
Ara Vallaster and Aaron Babbie
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Joyce and Hunter Babin
Toni Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Back
Donald H. Bacon
Kaye and Marvin Baden
Amy and Wes Baden
Delaney Bagwell
Stephany Bailey
Patti and John Bailey
James B. Bailey
Mary and James Bailey
Ted E. Bailey
Lisa Bailey
Christine Bailey
Bailey Foundation
Bailey Properties
Sally and Mark Bair
David L. Baker
Sonnie Baker
Elizabeth Baker
Margaret and Rodney Baker
William H. Baker
Lawson Baker
Barbara and Michael Baker
Ann Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Balderree
Joan Baldridge Ballard and George Ballard
Dr. Deborah Baldwin and James E. Metzger
Judith and Dr. Deane Baldwin
Baldwin and Shell Construction Company
Brooke and Hunter Bale
Wayne B. Ball
Paige and Glenn Ballard
Ballet Arkansas
Nancy Crain Balton
Bancorp South
Bank of America
Bank Of America Matching Gifts
Bank of Little Rock
Bank OZK
Elizabeth and Peter Banko
Baptist Health Foundation
Jerry T. Barakat
Barbara Graves Intimate Fashions
Barbara Jean Ltd.
Jeff Barber
Barefoot Studio
Don Barnes
Bill Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Joy Barnes
Debi Barnes
Karen and Curtis Barnett
Celia and Howard Barnhard
Karen Barnwell
Donna and Ralph Barr
Milton Barrett
Nan Selz and Chris Barrier
Phyllis and Michael Barrier
Margaret Barros
Donna Barry
Shelby Church and Jack Barry
Lewis Barstow
Dan and Donna Bartell
Laura Bartell
Don Bartelt
Chuck Cliett and Jay Barth
Jessica Bartnik
Raymond Barton
Susan Weinstein
Joan Bass
Debbie and Rob Bass
Bass Family Charitable Foundation
Donna and Dr. Joseph Bates
Jeannie M.A. Bates
Julie and Kenneth Bates
Drs. Sally and Jon Bates
Patty and James Abraham
Bathe Auto Spa , LLC
Kim and Raymond Battle
Dr. David and Kathy Bauman
Kai and Mark Beach
James P. Beachboard
Stephanie Beakey
Gladys and Robert Beal
Maria Bean
Bear State Bank
James Beard
Sandra and Ted Bearden
Joanna Bearden
Cynthia and John Beasley
Mary Jo Beasley
Glenn Beasley and Monica Denham
Dr. Martha Beck
Scott Bect
Darby Bedell
Bedford Camera & Video
Governor and Mrs. Mike Beebe
Daniel A. Beggs
Susan and David Belcher
Mary and Pat Bell
Barbara and Austin Bell
Judith Bell
Barbara and Austin Bell
Belle and Blush
Denny Bellingrath
Mac and Gail Bellingrath
Nancy and Bob Bendigo
Stephen Bengel
Connie and Ed Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bennett, Jr.
Margaret Benson
William B. Benton Sr.
Joseph Berg
Donna Berg
Susan and Dr. Keith Berry
Dana Dussing Berry
Janet Berry
Leila Berry
Robert Berry
Don and Judi Bethard
Mitch Bettis
Mary Jo Bevis
Beyond Cotton
Beyond Photography
Dr. Rupal Bhakta
Linda and Chris Biagini
Peter Biagioni
Patsy and James Bicknell
Bob Bidewell
Charlotte and David Biegelsen
Diane and Vincent Bielanski
Pamela and W. L. Biernacki
Big Orange
Veeta and Calvin Biggers
Matthew Billingsley
Linda and Col. Chris Bills
Trish and Bob Birch
Stephanie Birdsong
Linda and William Bishop
Peyton Bishop
Lewis Bishop
Julie and Matthew Bittle
Anne and Robert Black
Linda Black
Jerome Blackburn
Joy and Dr. James Blacklock
Marlyn Blackwell
Deitra and Vance Blackwell
Kathryn Blair
Sue and Dick Blake
Kathleen and Shell Blakely
Sara Blakemore
Joan Blann
Barbara Blaylock
Sally and Timothy Blewett
Helen and Richard Bloesch
Jayne Bloesch
Jean Blomquist
Dr. Bill Bloodworth
Linda Bly and Ed Turnage
Lyuba and Martin Bogan
Nicole and Hon. David Bogard
Margaret and William Bogle
Michael Bohner
Donna Bojus
Brett and Andrea Bolan
Janet E. Bolton
Jeanne Bonar
R. Gayle Bone
Jamie and Amanda Booe
Nancy and Dr. Warren Boop
Dr. Brenda Booth
Barbara and Tony Booth
Betsy and Donald Borchert
Robert Borecky
Faye and Richard Borgman
Dr. Roger Bost
Botanica Gardens
Dr. Mary Boudreau
Boulevard Bread Co.
Ruth Bounds
Barbara and Steve Bova
Frances Bower
Elizabeth and William Bowes
Shirley Bowling
Wayne Boyce
Mrs. Harper W. Boyd Jr.
Sharon and Dr. Donald Boyd
Dr. Samuel Boyd
Anne E. Boyd
Terrence Boyle
Luana Bracy
Maureen and Edward Bradshaw
Kirk Bradshaw
Dorothy Braithwaite
Lee Ann and Jesse Branch
Elizabeth and William Branch
Sissi Brandon
Dr. Rhys L. Branman
Max Brantley
JoAnne Brasch
JoAnne and Kenneth Brasch
Cathy and Ron Braswell
Suzanne Bratcher
Dora Ann Bratton
Traci and Albert Braunfisch
Elizabeth and Robert Brave
Brave New Restaurant
Phyllis C. Brents
Diane Allen and Rene Bressinck, M.D.
Nell Brewer
Wayne Brewer
Vernon Brewer
Ann and Tom Bridgers
Sharon and David Bridges
Ivan Bridges
Mary Clair and Bill Brierley
Edward Briggler
Drs. Sandra Chai and John Brineman
Karin and Paul Briscoe
Beverly Brister
Julian Brix
Anne and Dr. John Broadwater
Glenn Brock
Marvin Brock
Karen Brockway
Linda S. Brown and Christina Christie
Dee Brown
Michael and Patsy Brown
Jeanne Brown
Caroline Brown
Retired Judge Robert Brown and Charlotte Brown
Lee Brown
Nolan and Sarah
Betty M. Brown
J. L. Brown
Francine and Brain Brown
Jean Brown
Susan and Nick Brown
Madge Brown, Candy Johnson, Paul Brown
Harry Brown
Jay Brown
Dr. Richard Brown
Kathleen and Bobby Brown
The Brown Foundation
Cathy and Hank Browne
Porter and Diane Brownlee
Sandra and Dale Brubaker
Dolores F. and Thomas A. Bruce Endowment
Rita and Dr. Win Bruhl
Lisa Brumley
Bruno's Little Italy
Francine Bruyneel
Karen and Wayne Bryan
Jean and Tom Bryant
Derrick Smith and Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant-Smith
Kari Bryde
Frieda and Ivar Buch
Frances and Sam Buchanan
Abigail and Charles Buchanan
Helen and Gilbert Buchanan
Melanie and Matthew Buchanan
Franz and Yukiko Buchmann
Kathleen and Brantly Buck
Kristina and Casey Buck
Tammy and Ricky Buck
Susan and James Buckner
Jay Buechley
Glenn Buercklin
Sherry Buffington
Julie Bull
Betty Ann Bullard
Sen. Dale Bumpers
Clea Bunch
Micheal Burden
Burge's Hickory Smoked Turkeys & Hams
Brad Burgess
Penny and John Burkhalter
Cindy and Kevin Burns
Kaay Burris
Hank W. Burroughs
Barbara and Lee Burroughs
Judy D. Burrow
Burrow's & Mr. Frank's Optical
Marty W. Burton
Joi Burton
Mr. Marion Burton and Ms. Doris Davis
Greg and Jeanie Burton
Jim Burton
Mary Kay and Dr. Larry Burton
Brianne and Brian Bush
Business World
Carolyn Butler
Tammy Butler
Richard C. Butler, Jr.
Buzz Off Mosquito
By Invitation Only
By The Glass
Jeff and Stephanie Byers
Katherine and Chris Bynum
Laurie Byrne
Rudolph Byrne
Julie and Robert Cabe
Kathy and Benny Cagle
Kathryn and Douglas Cahill
Diana and Dr. Thomas Cain
Kevin Cain
Judy and Louis Caldarera
Dr. Bettye Caldwell
Mary Jane and John Calhoun, Jr.
Shelly and Dr. Michael Calhoun
Nathan Calhoun
Mildred Calhoun
Jane K. Callaway
Marsha and Norman Callaway
Kay Calvert
Nancy Campalans
Elizabeth and Craig Campbell
Mary Ann and Guy Campbell
Brian Campbell
George E. Campbell
The Rev. Donald K. Campbell II
Susan E. Campbell
Brad Canada
Roger and Mary Jean Cannell
Canon Solutions America, Inc.
Donna and Charles Cansler
Cantina Laredo
Jane and Edwin Cantrell
Mary L. Cantwell
Rachel A. Cantzler
Capital Business
Capital Hotel
Victor and Irma Cardenas
Kathleen and Jim Cargill
Carl Miller, Jr. Foundation
Theresa and Walter Carle
Scott Carle
Carlson Wagonlit
Carnes Audio Visual
J. Michael Carney, M.D.
Patricia Carney
Carol & Witt Stephens Charitable Foundation
Candace and William Carpenter
Ellen Carpenter
Beth and Charles Carpenter Jr.
Barbara and Robert Carpenter
Emily Powell Carpenter
Carpenter Holdings, LLC
Jody Carreiro
Diane and Phillip Carroll
Dr. Layne E. Carson
Deonne Carson
Carson Family Revocable Trust
Scott Whiteley Carter
John Carter
Barbara and George Carter
Fran Carter
Samuel Caruthers
Peggy and Dr. Patrick Casey
Susan and Matt Cashion
Nina and Nathan Castaldi
Maria Castro and Charles Napolitano
Casey Cathey
Catholic Health Initiatives St. Vincent
Meredith and Graham Catlett
Barbara and Glen Cavallo
Dr. Gilbert Caver
Jane Cazort
CDI-Hunt Robinson Joint Venture
Mark Cebulski
Cecil's Fine Jewelry
Celebrity Attractions
Centennial Bank
The Centers for Youth & Families
Central Arkansas Transit (CAT)
Central Flying Service, Inc.
Nancy Chaffin
Anita Chamberlin
The Chancellor Hotel
Drs. Kim and Drs. Kay Chandler
Robert Chandler
Carol and Charles Chappell
Judy and Sara Chastain
Patsy K. Cheatham
Sharyl and Paul Cheek
Anthony F. Chelte
Chenal Country Club
Allison and Brian Cherry
Edward J. Chess
Sherry and Joe Chesser
Chevron Humankind
Dr. Elizabeth Childers
Chinese Culture Public Foundation Arkansas
Jean and Roger Chisholm
Dr. and Mrs. Dan P. Chisholm
Michelle Chism
Marilynn and George Chlebak
Rita and Robert Choate
Craig Chotard
Joan and Conrad Choyce
Ruth Chrenko
Jack Christ
Lisette Christensen
Kevin Christian
Ms. Madison Stroth and Dr. Clif Christopher
Carole and Jim Christopher
Christy Hollingshead Photography
Sharon and Bruce Chucoski
Nancy Chudy
Dr. Christopher P. Cifarelli
City of Little Rock, Arkansas Residential Housing
Jon Claas
Sue Clark
Jane Clark
Hazel and Ronald Clark
Mary Clark
Hannah Lopas
Gert Clark
Nancy and Dr. Richard B. Clark
Laura and Don Clark
Clark Contractors, LLC
Beth Clay
ClearPointe Holdings, Inc.
Alana Clegg
Jennifer Clem
Dan Cline
Elizabeth and Roger Cline
Lisa Cline
Katy and Ralph Cloar
Closet Factory
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clough
Catherine and Larry Clowers
Garry Clubb
CNL Lifestyle Company, LLC
Karen and William Cobb
William G. Cobb
Stuart and James Cobb
Christie Beck and Bill Cobb
Cobblestone and Vine
Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Alan Cochran and Jose Vazquez
Ellon and Rogers Cockrill
Catherine and Howard Cockrill
Brittany Coffer
Lorna and Mark Coffey
Dennis and Esther Coffin
David Coffman
Johnnie Cohen
Judith and Joe Colclasure
Coldwell Banker Commercial Hathaway Group
George Cole
Jennifer and Randy Coleman
Dr. Nan Jo Coleman
Kay and Darrel Coleman
Colliers International
Colonial Wine and Spirits
Coming Home Interiors
Ann and Jake Commer
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens
Donna and David Cone
Cynthia L. Conger
Keith Conine
Judith Conley
George Connell
James B. Conner
Patsy Conner
Sandra and Robert Connor
The Container Store
Mealanie and Luke Conway
Jamie and Mike Coogan
Rev. Nancy Cook
Kay and Chuck Cook
Velma and John Coolidge
Anna and Dr. Nathaniel Cooney
Kris and Dennis Cooper
Gary Cooper
Ms. Mildred Cooper
Ann Cooper
Jana Cooper
Scott and Shayla Copas
Ashley and Dr. Michael Cope
Charleen and Edgar Copeland
Charlotte M. Copeland
Winema and Gerry Copher
Copper Grill
Copper Well Retreat
Dr. Angelo Coppola
Mr. Richard Corby
Andrea Cordell
Cathy and Jerry Core
Jane and Pete Cornish
Judy Corum
Charlene A. Costa
Mary Frances and Ralph Cotham
Beth Ann and Asa Cottrell
Hope Coulter and Mel White
Christopher Coulter
Frankie Coulter
Nate Coulter
April and James Counts
The Court Studios
Robert C. Covington
Patricia Cowan
Deb Cowling
Phillip Cox
Stacy Cox
Robert J. Cox
James Cozzetto
Patty and Don Crabbe
Danielle Crafton
Justin Craig
Tamey and Michael Craig
Christopher Crane
Frances and Wayne Cranford
Cathy and Kevin Crass
Mary Lou Cravens
Patricia Crawford
Jim and Sally Crawford
Alex Crawley
Molly and Glenn Crawshaw
Loretta Crayton
Crazy Hibachi Co.
Cregeen's Pub
Lee and Bob Cress
Mrs. Adron Crews (Ginger)
Trudie W. Cromwell
Irene Cross
Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C.
Courtney Crouch
John T. Crow
Virginia Flynn and Dr. Joe Crow
Nancy and Tom Crow
Anne and Charlie Crow
Tom Crowder
Kristin Crowder
Dan Crowder
Edward W. Crowe
Jean Crume
Crush Wine Bar
Karen and Charles Crutchfield
Alexandra L. Csanadi
Anthony Cuccia
Beth Culbertson
Kevin M. Cullinan
John Cullum
Culture Clothing Co.
Susie and Dr. Thomas Cummins
Margaret Cunningham
Cupcakes and Caterpillars
Amanda Claire Curcio
Lisa Curry
Alex and Yvonne Curtis
Angela Cutter
CWP Productions
CWT Vacations
Eric M. Dahinden
Cheryl and Timothy Dahlstrand
Sherryl M. Dahlstrom
Patti and Jim Dailey
Jarod Daily
Dalton Designer Smiles
John Daly
Mary Frances Damour
Danco Construction Company
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daniel
Seth Daniell
Scott Dannelley
Kristi Dannelly
Charles Dante
Ida and Kramer Darragh
Mr. and Mrs. William Darwin
Sangeeta and Debasis Das
Barbara and Jim Daugherty
Amanda and David Daugherty
Dave & Buster's
Dave's Place
Charles Davidson
Ti Davis
Erma G. Davis
Carole Davis
Beverly Davis
Sally Davis
Rudy Davis
Susan Davis
Rebecca and Donald Davis
Dr. Beverly Foster and T. Martin Davis
Clete Davis
Betsy Davis
Mark Davis
Letha Davis
Gail and David Davis
Geraldine Davis and Paul Davis
Ann and Dr. Clay H. Davis
Scot Davis
Irene and George Davis
Leah Davis
Susan Davis
Kerri Davis
Evelyn and Don Davis
Nick Dawson
Janae and James Day
Jeanne De Lanois
Sandra and Matthew De Luca
Troy Deal
Errin and Dr. David Dean
Renay and David Dean, M.D.
Dean Family
Matthew Dearnley
Maggie and Dick Dearnley
Jake Debord
Celia Decker
Ashley Deed
Sharon and Donald Deems, Jr.
Flo and Dr. Jim Deer
Deer Eye Clinic
Jill DeHart
Stella and Fulvio Del Bianco
Francine and Eric Del Giacco
Jonathan Delgado
Mrs. Ruby I. Dellinger
Delta Dental
Delta Trust
Deltic Timber Corporation
Elaine and Claiborne Deming
Julie and Patrick Dempsey
Marlys Demry
Dent Doctor
Patricia S. DePriest
Dr. Inci Irak
Keeley and Stephen DeSalvo
Susan and Michael Deselle
Dlorah DeVore
Diamond Bear Brewing
Mr. and Ms. John V. Diaz
Julianna S. Dickey
Dickey-Stephens Park
Nancy Dickins
Leslie H. Dickinson
Leslie and Bart Dickinson
Peggy and Haskell Dickinson
Remmel Dickinson
Stefanie and Paul Dickinson
Sharon and Jerome Die
E. Kearney Dietz
Dr. Jennifer Dillaha
Ms. Mary Dillard
Dillard's Park Plaza
Dillard's, Inc.
Rick Dimond
Dr. Wilma Diner
Karen and John DiPippa
Distinctive Designs by Tanarah
The Dive Shop II
Jacqueline Divino
Andrea and Jeff Dixon
Ms. Erin Dixon
Ms. Dee Dixon
Amanda Dobbins
Elizabeth Dober
Joan L. Dobry
Andrea and William Dobson
Marcy and Mark Doderer
Katie Doderer
Tal Dodson
Marlys and Larry Dodson
Dolores F. and Thomas A. Bruce Endowment
Susan Dombek
Francis and William Donald
Catherine and Michael Donovan
Martha and Joe Dooley
Bonnie Dorman
Jacquelyne and Hugh Dorminy
Laura and Brandon Dorris
DoubleTree Hotel
Rachelle Doucet
Joe Douglas
Martha and Hunter Douglas
Virginia and Robert Douglas
Mauri and Lee Douglass
Lisa and Craig Douglass
Joanna and David Douglass
Gretchen Douthit
Dover, Dixon, Horne, PLLC
James F. Dowden
Michelle and Joseph Dowell
Douglas Downing
Dr. Lee Lee Doyle
Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center
Ted Drake
Catherine C. Drilling
Richard Drilling
Drs. Angela and Gerald Driskill
Frances Dubach
DuClair Partners
Ernest Dumas
Carolyn Duncan
Kathy and Robert Duncan
Sammie Dunkum
Ellen and Richard Dunn
Martha and LTC (Ret.) Carroll Dunn
Joanne Dunn
Lorraine C. Duso-Kitts
Nancy and Vernon Dutton
Cynthia and Robert East
Maryann and Jack East III
East Side Grill
Holly Eaton-Bradfield
James E. Eckelberger
Chuck and Kathy Eckerson
Susan Eckhart
Lawrence A. Eckhart
Michelle and Jake Eddington
Anne and Ron Eddy
Irene A. Edgar
Patricia J. Edstrom
Kelly Edwards
Gwendolyn and Rev. E. Eugene Efird
Dr. Steve and Sherry Efird
Dr. W. M. Eisele
Theresa and David Eisele
Carol and Byron Eiseman
Eiseman Foundation
Georgia Eizenga
Eleanor and Earl Ekdahl
Debbie Elgen
Eli Lilly & Company
Ella Couture
Ellen Golden Antiques
Caroline Elliott
Johnny Ellis
Colene Ellis
Jan and Victor Ellsworth
Gary Elmore
Jo Evelyn Elston
Janet Elwood
Olga Elwood
Carla and Peter Emanuel
Donna and Arthur English
Laura and Harold Engstrom
Nancy and Dr. J. Rex Enoch
Entelechy Partners
Entergy Arkansas
Eoff and Associates Realty, Inc
Episcopal Collegiate School Foundation
David Epperhart
Mary Erdman
Terri and Chuck Erwin
Teresa and Emami Esmaeilpour
Estate of Alma L. (Happy) Weise
Estate of Joan O. Chronister
Alice and Skip Estes
Sarah B. Estes
Mark Eubanks
Gary T. Evans and William J. Gabello
Angela Evans
Chris Evans
Audrey and Donald Evans
Richard Evans
Felicia and David Evans
Lydia Evanson
Evergreen Garden Club
Miles Ewing
ExxonMobil Foundation
Pammi Fabert
Face Your Day Studios
Facebook Payments
Rita Fagan
Merrick Fagan
The Fairmont Waterfront
Dr. Dale Fallis
Paul J. Fallon, Jr.
Anne Park Farella
Sarah and Josh Farmer
Carla and Dr. Joe Farmer
Farmers National Company
Henry Farrar
Felice and Robert Farrell
Becky and Jackson Farrow
Karen Farst
L. Jackqueline Farst
Melinda and Stephen Faubel
Joyce and Jim Faulkner
Frank Faust
Faux Pas
Karen Fawley
Susan Fehlberg
Christina Feild
June Felix
Daniel and Josephine Felton
Cindy Feltus
Ellen and Thomas Fennell
Fern Jewelry
Donald R. Ferneau
Karen and Jerold Fetzer
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Oliver Field
Mona Fielder
Patrick Fields
Fifth Season
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Filter
Jackye and Curtis Finch, Jr.
Tracy and Michael Finch
Mary Fine
Firearms 4 Less, LLC
First Security Bank
First Security Bank
Dr. Michael Fischer
Drs. Debra and Martin Fiser
Dr. Debra Henry Fiser
Dr. Bill Fiser
Kay H. Fisher
Jean and Darrell Fisher
Isabel Wanzer Fisk
Ruth Fissell
Bob, Debra and Madeline Fithen
Michelle and John Fitzgerald
Jeanne and Robert Fitzgerald
Bill Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald
Brenda and Davis Fitzhugh
Karen and John Flake
Linda and Dickson Flake
Linda L. Flanagin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Flanigin
Dr. Jill and Mr. Jonathan Flaxman
Rick Fleetwood and Gary Davis
Nancy and Ansley Fleming
Denise and Fred Fleming
Shannon Fleming
Dora Jane and Greg Flesher
Patricia and Gene Flesher
Peggy Flesher
Flesher Family Foundation
Stacy and John Fletcher
Alice and Lawrence Fletcher
Ms. Linda Fletcher
Fletcher Bensky Furs & Outerwear
The Floating Lotus
Jerry and Dr. Bill Floyd
William M. Flurry
Sandra and Mike Flynn
Becky Flynn
Flyway Brewing Co.
Dorothy Foehringer
Mrs. Adell Fogleman
Sheila Ford
Jeff Ford
Caroline M. Ford
Col. John R. Fordyce
Marjorie Forrest
Deloris and Kenneth Forrester
Col. A. Robert and Dorothy Fortney
Betty Foster
Charity Foster
Judith and James Foster
Jamie and Joseph Foster
Holly Foster
David P. Foster
Candace Fowler
Jan and Tom Fowler
John L. Fowlkes
Emogene and Norris Fox
Jay Fox
William Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Emery L. Francis
Jim Francis
Frank D. Hickingbotham Foundation Trust
Joyce Franklin
Ann B. Franklin
Bill and Kate Franks
Lynne and Hayden Franks
Kate and Robert Frazier
Katherine Frazier
Fred W. Hunt Revocable Trust
Carol K. Freebairn
Barbara and Louis Freeman
June and Edmond Freeman III
Donna Freeman
Mary French
The Fresh Market
Alice and Richard Fresquez
Friday, Eldredge & Clark
William Friedman
Dona and Dr. Jerry Friend
Fringe Benefits
Mr. Norman B. Frisby
Patsy Frost
Christine and Ed Frost
Frost, PLLC
Sue M. Frueauff
Marion Fryer
Mr. Don Fugett
Marion Fulk and Jeff Rosenzweig
Gus Fulk
Cindy and Charlie Fuller
Kathleen and Fred Fullerton
Loris and Jay Fullerton
The Full Moon
Paula Furlough
Shearle Furnish
G. Spinelli
Karla Gable
Jim and Charlotte Gadberry
Jay Gadberry
Jennifer and Brady Gadberry
Joan Gage
Ruby Gagliano
Galaxy Furniture
Drs. Kay and Bob Gale
Martha and Tom Galek
Jennifer Gallant
Nancy Gann
Dorothy Gantz
Cliff Ganus
Dr. Ling Gao
Tim Garber
Brigita Gardner
Nancy and Dr. Ward Gardner
Sharon and Lowell Gardner
Dr. Stephanie Gardner
Christine and Jeffery Gardner
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Gardner
Jane P. Garison
J. David Garmon and Frank Gilman
Carole Garner
Judy and Dr. Jeff Garner
Sally and Jerol Garrison
Patricia Garrison
Garvan Woodland Gardens
Barbara J. Garza
Gaston's White River Resort
Van Gates
Walt Gates
Andrew Gaudin
Barbara Gay
Dr. Michael Gealt and Ms. Mary Janet McNamara
Paula and Kyle
Shirley Gentry
Laura E. Gentry
Brooks Gentry
Pat and Jim Genty
Drew and Mara George
George & Linda Gleason Foundation
George and Linda Gleason Foundation
Gail and Joe Gerard
Harry Gerard
The German Family
Vicki and Leon Gershner
Alan and Pauline Noznick Gerstein
David Gerstein
Lauren Ghelardini
Mr. Frank Gibson
Becky and Jim Gifford
Linda and Donald Gifford
Ernest B. Gilby
Betsy Gillaspy-Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Alex T. Gillespie
Jane Gillespie
Dorothy and Bob Gilliam
John and Kim Gillum
Lindsey Gillum
Dr. Charles and Marcia Gilmore
Michael Gilmore
Martin Gipson
Marcelline Giroir
Margaret Glasgow
Diana and Johnny Glaze
Glazer's Distributors of Arkansas
Linda and George Gleason II
and Donn Glover
Amelia A. Glover
Rebecca Glover
Go! Running
Dorothy Goff
Faith Anaya and Barry Goldberg
Ellen and John Goldman
Goldmasters/Crown Antiques
Susan and Chuck Goldner
Marilyn and Dr. Melvin G. Goldzband
Mr. Daniel Goldzband and Ms. Julie M. Thompson
Tiffany Gonzales
Dr. Mary L. Good
The Good Earth
Rocky and Jenni Goodman
Patricia Goodson
G. D. Goodwin
John Goodwin
Curtis Goolsby
Carolyn Gordon
Jane Gordon
Jamie Goslin
Dorothy Goss
Sally and Chuck Goss
 Marianne and Dr. Bob Gosser
Beth and John Gould
Ken Gould and Judy Lansky
Shree, Sabitha and Rangaswamy Govindarajan
Beverly Gowin
Greer and Barnett Grace
Sharon Gragg
Dr. James Graham, M.D.
Fred W. Graham
Sally Graham
Larry Graham
Jason Graham
Jeff and Mary Gramlich
Amy Grant
Grapevine Wine and Spirits
Gladys and Meryl Grasse
Del Grau
Judy Graves
Dr. Nancy Gray
Ellen Gray
Carolyn and Michael Gray
Kay and Stephen Green
Patricia and Gary Green
Priscilla Green
Dr. and Mrs. Horace Green
William A. Green
Lynn and Dr. Bruce Greenberg
Marjorie and Daniel Greenberg
Brooke Greenberg
JoAnn Greene
Holly and Dr. John Greenfield
Greenhaw's Inc.
Jessie and Dr. David Greenman
Rochelle Greenwood
Melissa and John Greer
Linda and John Greer
Angie Greer
Daniel and Karil Greeson
Greg Thompson Fine Art
Jackie A. Gregory
Lydia and Joshua Grenier
Drs. May and Jack Griebel
Karen Griebling
Kathryn and William Griffin
Ann and Dr. Robert Griffin
Katherine Gronen
Esther and Jerry Gross
Rita and Wayne Gruber
David F. Gruenewald
Alexa and J. Gruenwald
Ginny and Theodore Grumbine
Julianne D. Grundfest
Craig Gschwend
Igor Gubrij
Shirley and Jerry Guest
Johanna and Frank Guido
Guillermo's Coffee
Donald Guillory
Tom E. Gunderson
Christopher Gunn
Gunnar H. Gibson Dermatology
Mr. Jim Gunnell
Jorge Gutierrez
Louise and Roy Gutierrez
William Gwatney
Anton C. Haake
Ann and Don Haase
Dr. Chris Hackler
David Hadidi
Hadidi Holdings, LLC
Hadidi Oriental Rug
Mary Ellen Haefner
Brian Hagan
Michael Hagen
Amy Hagerman
Ben Hairston
Marilyn Halbrook
Maria Haley
Mary Haley
Rebecca Haley
Linda Halford
Emily R. Hall
Susan and R.D Hall
Lisa and Dr. Whit Hall
Marilyn M. Hall
Vicki Hall
Victoria and Dr. A. David Hall
Ronald Hall
Pamela and Dr. Brent Hall

Davidson Hall
Betsy Hall
Austin Hall
Kelly Hall
Sonya Hall
Gerard Halpern
Charlotte Halter
Andrea and Dr. Paul Halverson
Hambuchen Home Furnishings
Jason Hamilton
Don F. Hamilton
Jeane Hamilton
Hayden Hamilton
Hamilton-Mayton Antiques
Sherri and Harold Hamlin
Tiffany and Harry Hamlin
Betty Lou and Frank Hamlin
June Hammans
Linda and Dr. Gene Hamon
Kathy and Carson Hampson
Sybil and Alfred Hampton
Marianne J. Hampton
Jane Hankins and Craig O'Neal
Shirley and Ray Hankins
Dottie and Stuart Hankins
Dr. B.E. Hankins
Sharon and Dr. Edwin Hankins III
Donna Hankins-Hull
Hank's Fine Furniture
David Hanna
Mrs. Lorraine Hannah
Nancy Hannon
Carolyn Hanson
Al Haraway, Jr.
Laine Harber
Kelly and Nathan Harbert
M. Ann Hardcastle
Linda and Rush Harding
Rachel and Buddy Harding
Pat Harding, Jr.
Linda and David Hargis
Ann and Price Harned
Heath Harper
Scott Harper
Mr. Edwin N. Harpole, Jr.
Steven Harrelson
Susan and Morril Harriman
Mary Harrington
Jane Harris
Julie A. Harris
Debra Haskin-Harris
Cheryl Harris
Christine Harris
Janai and Michal Harris
Victor A. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. D.R. Harris
Karen Harris
Susan and Max W. Harris
Muskie Harris
Georgia and Kayo Harris
Ruth and Christian Harrison
Helen and Fred Harrison
Kim Harrison
Bill Harrison
Harrison Energy Partners
Julia Hart
Drs. Janet and Tom Hart
Wanda Hartnuss and Werner Schwarz
Linda and Larry Hartsfield
Kimberly and John Hartsfield
Carolyn Hartstein
Janet and Greg Hartz
Ms. Victoria Harvey
Kimberly and John Harville
Becky Hasselbring
Miriam and Leonard Hasson
Barbara and Paul Hastings
Rosalyn and Harry Hastings Jr.
Stan Hastings
Paul Hastings
The Hatcher Agency
Marilyn and Don Hatfield
Laura and Jeff Hathaway
James E. Hathaway Jr.
Drs. Betty and Charles Hathaway
Ann Hatley
Drs. Nayla and John Hatley Jr.
Drs. Cynthia Ross and Martin Hauer-Jensen
Howard and Barbara Hawes
Margaret Ann and Bob Hawkins
Elsie and Bill Haws
Dr. William F. Hayden
Anita and Ron Hayden
Mark Hayes
Lisa and Dr. John Hayes
Brenda and Michael Hayes
Nancy Haynes
Sandy Miller Hays
Harold and Pam Hays
Joann Hays
Donna Hayward
Jean Healey
Gisela Healey
Susan and James Heard
Raymond Hearn
Carol Heavin
Sylvia and Larry Hedden
Jane and Bill Hefley
Heflin Family Foundation
Heflin Family Foundation Trust
Michael Hegeman
Lisa and Brad Hegeman
Lauren Heil
Dr. Fred M. Heinemann
Susan and Jack Heinritz
Shirley Held
Brad Helm
Ardith and Leon Helms
Mike Helms
Fran Henderson and Mike Watts
Charles J. Henderson
Shane Henderson
Kristin Henderson
Nila J. Hendricks
Blake Hendrix
Martha Hendrix
Betty Hennelly
Kathleen M. Henriksson
Mary Nancy Henry
J C. Henry
Mary S. Henry
Douglas Henson
Madelyn and George Hermes
Lenora Herr
Frank Herring
Cheryl and Scott Herrington
Dr. Andrea W. Herrmann
Betty and Jerry Herron
Allison and Stephen Hester
Darilyn and Dr. James Hester
Hewlett Packard Company
Susan and Herren Hickingbotham
Hickingbotham Investments
Hickory Creek Golf Course
Tara Hicks
Ferrol and Richard Hicks
Kelly Hicks
Kevin Hiegel
Mary Bea and Ken Hiegel
Mary B. C. Hiegel
Andrew Hiegel
Margaret and Scott Hiers
William Hiers
Dolores Hietbrink
Martha Hiett
Carla Higgins
Dr. Chet & Ann Hight
Jan and Truman Hill
D.B. Hill
Martha and J. French Hill
Annis and Charles Hill
Kayleen Hill and Jerry Hancook
Calvin Hill
Susan and Dr. Charles Hiller
Dana Hilliard
Kimberly Hillis and Dr. Jean Matchett
Mr. Todd P. Hillman
Steve Hinsley
Karen Hisel
Histecon Associates, Inc.
Drs. Marci and Richard Hixson
Mike Hocutt
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hodges
Mary Jane and Drew Hodges
Stella Carolyn Hodges
John Hodoway
John Hoefl
Marcus Hoelscher
Hog Wash
Kerri Hogan
Brenda Hogan
Robyn Hoganson
Melanie and Thos Hoggard
Linda Vail Holbert
Ted Holder and Joe Van den Heuve
Patricia Holifield
Larry Holifield
Oscar Holiman
Jim Holley
Karen and Ray Holliday
Debbie and Cy Holliday
Betsy and Cyril Hollingsworth
William Holloway
Ron and Jo Anne Holmes
Doug Holmes
Linda and Bob Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. E.L. Holt
Susan and John Holt
Jan and Arnold Holtberg
Gwendolyn Holton
Michael Honaker
Heather Honaker
Grace Honeycutt
Sanford Hooper
Amanda Hooper
Barbara R. Hoover
Janet and Charles Hoover
Diana Hopper
Mary and Marshall Horton
Darrell Horton
Hot Springs Village Players, Inc.
Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild
Barbara House
April and John Hout
Dr. John G. Howard
Deborah Howard
Priscilla and Thomas Howard
Muriel and Ed Howard
Dawn and Otis Howe III
HP Company Foundation
Alex Hronas
Rebecca and Dan Huber
Dianna and Kevin Huchingson
Rose Hudgens and Alice Cooner
Heather and Fred Hudson
Martha Hudson
Steven D. Hudson
Logan Hudson
Bob Huff
Dotty and LTC Jacob Huffman III
Hugg and Hall Equiptment
Otis Huggs
Helen and Ken Hughes
Catherine and Ron Hughes
Erica Hughes
Paul Hughes
Vernita Humphrey
Barbara Humphreys
Jan and Dr. Randal Hundley
Miriam Hundley
Peggy Hundley
Philip Hunkins
Judith Hunt
Martha Hunt
Linda Hunthrop
Clea and Bob Hupp
Stacy and Howard Hurst
Mimi and Joe Hurst, Jr.
Edmond Hurst
Conley Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hussman
Hussman Foundation
Drs. Steve and Laura Hutchins
Patricia and David Hutchins
Susan and Asa Hutchinson
Tierra Hutley
Sarah and James Hutson
Hyden, Miron, & Foster, PLLC
Iberia Bank
IBM Corporation
Alexandra Ifrah
im=X Pilates
Indulgences By Body Bronze
Clementine Infante
Dr. Jerry Ingram and Catherine Vander-Woude
Paula C. Inman
Vincent Insalaco
Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, Inc. Matching Gifts
Sarah Ann Irby
Dr. Elizabeth and Stuart Irby
Tim Irizarry
Genie Irvin
Andrew Irvin
Walt Davis and Drew Irvin
Justin Isenhour
iShares 529 Plan
Teri and David Itkin
Dawn and Brian Itzkowitz
Andrew Ivey
The J&V Meyer Family Foundation
Liz and Dennis Jacks, M.D.
Reginald L. Jackson
Ms. Linda Jackson
Nathan Jackson
Jackson Salon
Olga and Curtis Jacob
Ray Jacobsmeyer
Trudy and Dr. Jerry Jacobson
Dr. Daryoush Jadali
Fred Jadali
Kyle James
Vernon and Dani James
James I. Freeman Charitable Trust
Jillian and Anton Janik
Cynthia and Dr. Mark Jansen
Ms. Barbara Jarvis
Dr. Soledad Jasin
Jean Rolfs
Dr. Thomas Jefferson and Mr. Joseph Lampo
Jay R. Jeffrey
Deb and Bill Jeffs
John Jenkins
Miriam and Dennis Jenkins
Natalia and Jonathon Jensen
Byron Jervis
Judy and Dr. Robert Jilka
Joel's Salon
Sandra Johansen
John Brown University Journalism Dept.
Dr. Robert W. Johns
Margaret and Peter Johnson
Cheryl and Dale Johnson
Christopher B. Johnson
Sally Johnson
Ellen and Clint Johnson
Candice Johnson
James R. Johnson
Mary Jane and Dr. Ricky Johnson
Michael Johnson
Karen Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Ruth Ann and Jim Johnson
Candice B. Johnson
Melrose and Larry Johnson
Ann and Don Johnston
Betsy Johnston
Susan M. Johnston
The Joint
Jolly Family Dental
Peggy and Jim Jones
Lorene Jones
Dr. Jerry G. Jones
Barbara Jones
Jacob Jones
Toni Jones
Darrow Jones
Sharri and Bill Jones
Lillian and Barry Jones
Sissy and Murphy Jones
Scott Jones
Tom P. Jones
Trisha and Greg Jones
Gavin Jones
Janet and Leland Jones
Myra Jones
Jayce Jones
Matthew and Patricia Jones
Kendra and Ben Jones
Joyce and John Jones
Jones and Son
Jones Brothers Pool Tables
Diane and Philip Jonsson
Shelli Jordan
Marcy Jordan
Brad Jordan and Helen Herr
Linda Jorgensen
Nancy and Richard Jorgensen
Jos. A. Bank
Dr. Frederick E. Joyce
Joe Joyner
Jeanne and Harold Joyner
Dana and Billy Judkins
Katy Julian
Katy Julian
Steve Jumper
Helen and Thomas Kaiser
Kortnee Kalberer
Barb and Frederik Kalsbeek
Katherine Kane
Gerald Kaney
Faye and Austin Kanter
Ruthe and Philip Kaplan
Laura Kleber and Garfield Karpiak
Carole Katchen
Kate Kavanaugh Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Keahey
Teresa Keathley and Leo Hauser
Viki Keaton
Ouida and George Keck
Cliff Keene
Lee and Walter Keenihan
Rhonda and Steven Keith
Joe Keith
Keith James Interiors
Rev. Thomas Keller
Phil Keller
Julie and Christoph Keller III
Barbara and John Keller
Mr. Michael Keller
Keller Enterprises
Richard A. Kelley
Stephanie and Henry Kelley, Jr.
Pam and Calvin Kellogg
Elizabeth Kelly
Jim and Gerelyn Kelly
Kelly Hicks Photography
Robert Keltner
Ken Rash's Arkansas
Cheryl and Rolfe Kennedy
Mary L. Kennedy
Kay Kennedy
Piano Studio of Linda Kennedy
Drs. Jeannette Lee and Philip Kenney
Brenda and Terry Kent
Lee Kern
Becky Kershaw
Andrew and Victoria Kessel
Dianna Kilburn
Rev. Howard Lee Kilby
John Killingsworth
Jason Killins
Peter Kimar
Michael Kinard
Trudy Kincade
Linda and Dale Kindy
Albert King
Albert King
Patricia and Russell King
Molly and Larry Kircher
Brett Kirkman
Rebecca Kirkpatrick Bahn
Iwona and Allen Klak
Joanna Klett
Dixie T. Kline
Lola Klobe
Katherine and Richard Kluender
Bradley Knapp
Mr. Stephen Knapp
Spencer Knapp
Gay and Wayne Knight
David Knight
Vikki and Patrick Koch
Paul and Suzy Koesy
Jean F. Kohler
Linda Kondrick
Betty Ann and Larry Korbus
Gayle Kordsmeier
Soheila Korourian
Vicki and Dr. Tom Kovaleski
David Kraft
Kraftco Hardware & Building Supply
Paul Krause
Kristin Todd Accessories
Fritz Kronberger
Galina and Michael Krupitsky
Suzanne and Kent Kuch
Heloise Kuhn
Karl Kullander
Lindsay and Magnus Kullenberg
Adriene Kulousek
Kula Kumpuris
Mary and Dr. Dean Kumpuris
Tammera and Ivan Kuncheff
Kathrine and Dr. Dennis Kuo
Joseph and Sheila Kuonen
Ginny and Baker Kurrus
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Debbie and Rex Kyle
Stuart Kyle
Jill Kyong
J. Floyd Kyser
L. Cotton Thomas & Company
LaChelle's Permanent Cosmetics
Diane and Raymond Lacroix
Joseph D. Laface
Karen Laing
Wendy and Craig Lair
Deanna Lamb
Dee Lance
Lance Johnston Photography
Carla and Rick Land
Stephen Landers
Sandy and Steve Landers
Landers FIAT
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Landgren
Judy Lanford
Lynda Langford
Nancy Langlais
Margaret Langston
Michelle and Lewis Langston
Mary and Paul Langston
Lansky Sound, LLC
Josquin Larsen and Chi Young Song
Jack and Crystal Larsen
Ryan Lasiter
Carolyn and Paul Lasseigne
Judy Lassiter
Karen Lauck
Ruth M. Lauther
Lavender Investments, LLC
Catherine Lavey
Charles Law
Ike Allen Laws, Jr.
Nikki and Larry Lawson
Becca Lawson
Ron Lazenby
League of American Orchestras
Mr. and Mrs. George Lease
Frank LeBlanc
Muriel Lederman
Mr. Jim Lee
Fred Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Lee
Leslie and Mark Lee
India Lee
Dr. R. Hyatt Lee
Thomas P. Leggett
Bobette Leggett
Helen T. Leigh
Dr. John Leisenring and Ms. Barbara Mueller
Lemay Photography
Caroline Lemen and Norbert Nielubowski
Rafael and Susan Bell Leon
Polly Leonard
John E. Leoniak
Let There Be Light
Let's Dance Studio
Levinson Exclusive Cleaner
Bobbye and Rabbi Gene Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Manford Levy
Rebecca Levy
Levy Family Living Trust
Emily Lewis
Mr. Phillip Lewis
Dr. Raphael O. Lewis
Ann and Gene Lewis
Emily and Dr. Richard Lewis
Michael Lewis
Missy and Billy Lewis III
Daniel Lewis
Mary Jo Lewno
Lawrence K. Libbus
Nancy and Rebecca Liggin
Cherry Light
Ruth and Harry Light
Pat and John Lile III
Jon Limbacher
Charlotte Linch
Pollye and Dr. Ben Lincoln
Senator Blanche L. and Dr. Steve Lincoln
John Lindley
Dorothy and Carl Lindsey
Tiffany Lindsey
Lauriann Lines
Rachel and Matthew Lipsey
Marilyn and Steve Little
Jonathan and Jackie Little
Little Rock Advertising & Promotion Commission
Little Rock Athletic Club
Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau
Little Rock Urban Farming
Little Rock Violin Shop
Little Rock Zoo
Christina Littlejohn
Wes Littlejohn
Lori Llewellyn
Emily and Harris Lloyd
Elvon Lloyd
June Lloyd
Laurence Lo
Erna and Richard Loerch
Donna Lombardi and Doug Smith
John F. Long
Virginia Long
Jenny and Timothy Long
Longevity Advisors, PLLC
Nancy Lopez
Diane and E. Fletcher Lord, Jr.
Lost Forty Brewing
Tiffany and Ralph Loszak
Louie's Unique Framing Gallery
Lisa and Danny Love
Love Life Stories
Sharon Lovell
Jamie Lowdermilk and Jeff Parry
Elaine and Rick Lowens
Jennifer Lowrey
Dr. Doug Lowrey
Jose G. Loyo-Molina
Scott Luchesi
Bonnie and Arthur Luck
Richard Lucy
Lynn and Lee Lucy
Betty and Gus Ludwig
Aaron Ludwig
Will Lulky
Laura Lumsden
Luxe Home Interiors
Pat and Joe Luzzi
Barbara Lyle
Robert Lyle
Michael Lynch
Lowell F. Lynde, Jr.
Nell Lyon
Mr. W. Owen Lyon, Jr.
Maxwell J. Lyons II
Michael J. Lyons
M2 Gallery
Anna Mabrey
John Mac Leod
Mr. Matt Machen
Ella Maciejewski
Cammie and David Mackey
Robin and Henry MacMorran
Linda Macon
Kathleen Madden
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Madigan
Gigi and Chuck Magill
Magna IV Communications
Esther Mahnken
Dodie and Lewis Mahoney
Deborah and Michael Malek
Sylvia and Kourosh Malek
Ellen and Gabe Mallard
Sarah Malloy
Kathryn Malloy
Gayle and James Maloch
Sally Malone
Drs. Rufus Maloney and Dorien Vanderzalm
Barbara and Harry Mann
Michelle and Mark Mann
Dr. Rochelle Mann
Kermit E. Mann
Edwina Mann
Tatiana and Philip Mann
Amber Manney
Ms. Nirrana Manning
Polly and Len Mano
Karin and Dr. Stavros Manolagas
Alita Mantels
Arthur Manthey
Rocky Mantooth
Betty and Alex Manz
and Jon Marbaise
Carl Marburger and Barbara Hansen
Erin C. Marcussen
Jeffrey Marcusson
Catherine and Tom Marhenke
Ruth and Henry Mariani
Marie D. Cecil Trust
Karen Marine
Kristina Marinova
Market Strategies International
Anna Marks
Matthew and Mary Margaret Marks
Melinda and Jim Markus
Otho Jean Marlar
Susan and Dr. James Marsh
Carolyn Y. Marsh
Lynn Marshall
Donald Marshall
Julie and Lynn Marshall
Marshall Clements
Mary Jane Martin
Jane and Robert Martin
Drs. Floyd W. and Rebecca E. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Martin
Reed Martin
Joshua W. Martin
Jackie and Charles Martin
Jenna Martin
Charlotte and Norman Martin
Garth and Joann Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Catherine Martin
Judy and Mike Martin
Christina and Brock Martin
Anne M. and Dr. Timothy W. Martin
Melissa and Bradley Martin
Patricia and LTC Gerald Martinka
Martinous Oriental Rug Co.
Mary Anna Chop Charitable Trust
Rebecca and Terry Masching
Dr. and Mrs. J. Zachary Mason
Beth and Carl Mason
Ien Mason
Mason & Co. Realty
Vera Massey
Robert D. Matheney
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Matheny
Mathews And Company
Yasmine Mathieu
Rusty and Stacy Mathis
Sherri and Mark Matney
Phillip Mattes
Cathie Matthews
Nell Matthews
Becky Matthews
Mrs. Karen Mauermann
Michael L. Maulden
Brenda Mauldin
Marvin Maurras
Anne W. Maxey
James L. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter May
William P. May
Susan and Ron May
Janet G. Mayersohn
Martha Mayland
Christine and George Mayo
Supha and Richard Mays
Cathy and Mike Mayton
Letty and Hall McAdams
Shelia McAdams
Patricia and Thomas McAdow
Chef Jamie McAfee
Tauna and David McBee
Mary McBeth
Searcy and Betty McBurnett
Paul McCabe
Beverly McCabe-Sellers
Alice A. McCallum
Marcille and William McCandless
Beth and C.C. McCandless
Cathy and Bruce McCarraher
Michael McCarthy
Jennifer and Mark McCarty
Mr. Doug Smith and Ms. Ruby McCaskill
Jeslyn L. McCleary
Pat and Jim McClelland
Steven McClelland
Ann and Jack McCollum
Craig McCone
Susan Mccord
Andy McCracken and Marna Franson
Mike and Bruce McCrary
David L. McCullough
Kenneth McCune
Jeanne McDaniel
Bobbi McDaniel
Eric McDaniel
Mary Beth McDonald
Rebecca and Tom McDonald
Sandra McDonald
Michelle and Hugh McDonald
Katrina McDonald
Donald and Marie McDonald
Lois and Joe McDoniel
Dr. Richard McDougal
John Charles McDowell
Eric L. McDuffie
Vada McElmurry
Therese McFall
Carla and Gaylen McGee
Thomas McGowan
Rebecca McGraw
McGriff Insurance Services
Richard W. McGuire
O'Lynn McInerney
Margery and Bruce McIntosh
Sondra and Dr. Richard E. McKelvey
Kent McKelvey
Maggie McKinney
Ms. Jane McKinney and Mr. Richard Tripodi
John McKnight
Mary Ann and Bob McKuin
Donna and Thomas McLarty
Marjorie McLean
Ellen and Jim McLean
Carolyn and George McLeod
Mary Jo McLin
Mcllroy. Keen. Goodman, LLP
Kimberly McMenamin
Joyce McMillan
Michael and Kathryn McMillian
Jane and Carleton McMullin
Nancy and James McMurry
Elaine McNiece
Jean and Stanley McNulty Jr.
Vaughn McQuary
Christine McRae
Diane and Dr. Barry McVinney
Nancy and Gene McWhorter
John B. and Betsy L. Meador
John and Susan Meador
Allan E. Meadors
John Meadors
Meadors Adams & Lee, Inc.
Sherry Means
Richard C. Meeks
Connie A. Meeks
Sheila and T. Michael Mehaffy
Kaki Hockersmith and Max Mehlburger
Paulette and Jay Mehta
Stephanie and John Meincke
Barbara and David Melugin
Allan Mendel
Mendel Capital Managment Inc.
Meredith Melody Photography
Messias Family
Metal Recycling Corporation
Harry Metcalf
Metropolitan National Bank
Teddi and Dr. W. Steven Metzer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Meyer
Victoria and John Meyer
Shirley and Darrell Meyer
Dr. Richard Meyer
Carol and Darrel Meyerdirk
Carol A. Meyerdirk
Drs. Keith Wolter and Jill Mhyre
Mid-America Arts Alliance
Autumn and Tyler Middlebrooks
Theresa and Larry Middleton
Rhea and Mark Middleton
Mary Lou Middleton
Kent Middleton
Middleton Heat and Air
Mike's Place
Michael Mikula
Julia Milano
Barbara B. Miles
Kathryn and Joe Miles
Mrs. John E. Miller, Jr.
Mary Ann and Grady Miller
Shirley and Bill Miller
Carl H. Miller, Jr. Foundation
Anne and Dr. Laurence Miller
Mary Ann and Grady Miller
Dr. David Miller
Emilie Miller
Eileen Miller
Leslie Millichamp
Diana and Joe Milligan
Dennis Mills
Brandon Mills and Renee Shapiro
Mary and Mark Millsap
Mimi's Cafe
Brenda Miner
Thomas Minick
Lynne and Bill Minix
Sarah Minor
Elizabeth F. Minton
Ginny and Mike Misch
Candice Misenheimer
John and Eloise Mitchell
Eleanor S. Mitchell
Jeffrey Mitchell
Gerald Mitchell
Katherine and Justin Mitchell
Jay Mitchell
Ted Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. George K. Mitchell
Dr. Suzanne and Mike Mitchell
Hartence Mitchell
Dennis O. Mitchell
Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C.
Brandon Moffitt
Rebekkah Moline
Molly Molitor
Susan Petty-Moneyhon and Carl Moneyhon
Melissa Monk
Drs. Patricia and Herbert Monoson
Dr. Rita L. Monsen
Linda and William Monson
Drs. Roberta and Thomas Monson
Kim and Alex Montez
Nancy and Jim Montgomery
Marlys Moodie
Angela and Edward O. Moody
Melissa Moody
Ryan Mooney
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Moore
Christal and William Moore
Madeline Moore
WM. L. "Dub" Moore
Charlotte Moore
Carolyn and Kip Moore
Sister Doris Moore
Jane and Mike Moore
Mindy Morell
John D. Morgan
Caroline and David Morgan
Susie and Charles Morgan
G J Morgan
Larry Morgan
Nyla and William Morgan
Hertha and Lester Moriconi
John Moritz
Dorothy Morris (Morris Foundation)
James Morris
Jared and Lucia
Morris Foundation
Sarah Morse
Norman Morton
Mary and Dr. Bill Morton
Lynne G. Moses
Robin Moses
Moses Tucker Realty
Mary and John Mosley
Sue and David Mosley
Carol and John Mott
Sip and Dr. Lynn Mouden
Mountain Harbor Resort
Anne Mourning
Christine Mouw
Mr. Wicks, Inc.
Linda Muldrow
Mary and Jack Mulkey
Ann Mullens
Barbara and Don Munro
Munro Foundation
Robert Murphey
Cindy and Charles Murphy III
Jacqulyn Murphy
Ms. Judy Murphy
Debbie and Dr. Robert Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy
Sonya Murphy
Charles Murphy III
Britt Murphy
Diana and John Murphy
Jan and Rick Murphy
Rev. and Ms. Michael W. Murphy
Murphy Oil USA, Inc.
The Murphy Foundation
The Murphy Group
David Murray
McKay and Lambert Murray
Thompson W. Murray
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Murry, Jr.
Museum of Discovery
Shelley and John Myers
June and Jack Myers
Charles Nabholz
Greg Nabholz
Nabholz Construction Services
Carolyn and John Nagel
Dr. Mayumi Nakagawa
Audrey A. Namowitz
Linda Velvin Narisi
National Endowment for the Arts
Walter Naydan
Marita and Sarkis Nazarian
Priscilla and Scott Needham
Jeannie and Dick Nelson
Ruby C. Nelson
Mary Lynn and Sheffield Nelson
Steve K. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Alvah J. Nelson III
Network for Good
New Music USA
New York Life Insurance
New York Philharmonic
Sandra and Richard Newberg
Linda and Dr. Gordon Newbern
Carolyn and Justice David Newbern
Louise and Barry Newcomb
Daryl Newcomb
Robert Newell
Jean Newsbaum
Bruce Newton
Patsy Newton
The New York Pops
The New York Pops
Tia and Jempy Neyman
Brittany Nichols
Nichols Furniture
Ann Nicholson
Laura Nick
Colleen Nickell
Bonnie and Sam Nickol
Tammy Nicolo
Donald L. Nilles
Frank E. Nilson
Tish and Wyck Nisbet, Jr.
Dana Nixon
Aubrey Nixon
Joy Noble and David Chu
Craig Noble
Nancy and Parker Nolan
Nolan Foundation
Carol Ann and Don Nolley
Diana and Paul Nolte
Clair M. Norman
Vivian and David Norman
Thomas Norman
Linda Norris
Sarah and Dennis Norton
Dr. J.B. Norton
Renee and Chris Norwood
Andrew Norwood
Diana Norwood
Sarah Nosser
Paul Novicky
Frank Novotny
Barbara and Jack Nowlin
Thomas Nowlin
Ellen and J. William Nuckolls
Michael Nugent
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nunnelly III
Paul and Elizabeth Nyhus
Oakland Fraternal Cemetary
Oaklawn Racing and Gaming
Susan Oakley
The Oaks at Ojai
Oasis Tanning
Rachel Oberste
Peter and Pattie O'Connell
Kristen O'Connell
Edward O'Connell
Lynn and George O'Connor
Veronique and David Odekirk
Kelley Oglesby
Barbara and Claude O'Gwynn
Sean M. O'Keefe
Old Heights Corner Store
Mary Oldham
Robert Oliva
Oliver Charitable Corporation
O'Looney's Wine and Liquor
Mary K. Olson
Priscilla and Patrick O'Malley
Eric Omundson
107 Liquor
Opera Memphis
Orbea USA
George Orellana
Richard J. Orintas
Orion Capital Partners Central
Dr. William Ormsbee
Jason Ortega
Syliva Orton
Teresa and Dr. Pat Osam
Donna and Charles Osborne
Oscar's Liquor
Dee and John L. Ostner
Eileen and Patrick O'Sullivan
Patrick O'Sullivan
Carolyn Oswald
Sarah Spencer and Fred Oswald
Jean and John Owen
Sue and Edward Owens
Owens Murphy
Georgann Ozment
P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm
Edith Paal
Anne and Scott Pace
Heather and John Pagan
Beth and Roger Page
Alicia Paladino-Leis and Jeff Leis
Palette Catering and Event Planning
T. Alex Palmer
The Palmer Home Bed & Breakfast
The Pantry Restaurant
Kenneth Pape
Barbara and Tel Pappajohn
Cynthia and Christopher Pappas
Eva and Dr. Jim Pappas
PARC Management, LLC
Ann Paret
Elaine and Michael Parfitt
Marylyn Parins
Frank H. Parke
John Parke
Ann Blair and Bert Parke
Mary Jo and Jeff Parker
Wesley Morris Parker
Helen Parker
Alyce and John Parker
Lynn and Chris Parker
Jonathan Parkey
Darlene Parsons
Party Time Rental and Events
Richard Patterson
Lorene and James Patterson
Alan Patteson, Jr.
Bev and Dean Patton
Suzanne Patton
Terri M. Patton
Barbara and Clay Patty
Charlotte and David Paul
Ayse and Hakan Paydak
Lynn Payette
Harold W. Payne
The Peabody Little Rock
Tricia and Dr. Loverd Peacock
Karen Ronnel Pear
Pat Compton Pearcy
Diana and Ken Pearson
David Pearson
Paul Pearson
Robert and Mary Peck
Joyce Peck
Jessica and Erick Peebles
Dr. Sara E. Peeples
Mary and David Peery
Robert and Phyllis Pence
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Penick
Charles Penix
Patricia A. Pennebaker
Jean C. Pennucci
Jennifer Peper and Rob Lindstrom
Jeff Perciful
Karen and David Perdue
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Perez
Fred Perkins, Jr.
Lynda & Terry Perry
Alice Perry
Pauletta Perryman
Linda and Larry Peschka
Flave and Ella Peters
Teresa and Gregory Peters
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Michael Peters
Betty Peterson
David Petree

Robert Pettengill
Lynn and Ronald Petti
Allen Pettit
Joe Pevahouse
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pfeifer
Eugene M. Pfeifer
Nancy, Cusie and Don Pfeifer
Dr. Robynn Zinser and Jim Pfeifer
Alice and Robert Pfeiffer
Philip R. Jonsson Foundation
Connie and Jimmy Phillips
Ms. Jane Phillips
Harriett Phillips
Susan Phillips
Susan and Jim Phillips
Lynne and Dr. Paul Phillips
Phoenix Furniture and Interiors
Photography By Melisa
Jacquelyn Pickering
Timothy Pickering
Trent P. Pierce
Derek Pierce
Barbara and William Pierce
Jim and Nancy Piersol
Pigtails And Crewcuts
Pinnacle Pathology Associates
Marguerite and W. C. Pinson
Brian A. Pipkin
Katie Pipkin
Kristianna and John Pittenger
Carolyn and John Pittman
Regina Pitts
Connie and Fred Platt
Cherilyn and Jason Plaxco
Playtime Pizza
Elizabeth Plowman
JoAnn and Phil Plunkett
Bill Plunkett
Dr. Linda Pneuman
DeShay Poe
Dr. Christine Poe
Poe Travel
Irina Pokrovskaya and Vladimir Lupashin
Polk, Stanley, Wilcox Architects
Patricia and Mark Pollack
Ann Pond
Jacqueline and Col. Arno L. Ponder
Elizabeth T. Pope
Virginia and Mike Porta
Dr. Rob A. Porter
Lillian and Jim Porter
Clyde and Ida Porterfield
Ann Burton Portis
Lanelle Attwood Post
Anna V. Potter
Sylvia and Dr. Joe Potter
Robert and Irene Potts
Casimir A. Potyraj Jr.
Patty Poulter
Dorothy and Clyde Pound
Powder and Smoke
Margaret and Eddie Powell
Lloyd Powell
Patti Powell
Linda S. Powell
Marcia and Don Powers
Mary and Dr. Robert Powers
Julianto Pranata
Frank and Ann Prassel
Jane and John Prather
Delia Prather
Jason Prather
Kathryn and Richard Pratt
John W. Pregenzer
Presqu'ile Winery
Magen Price
Judit Megyesi and Dr. Peter Price
Dr. Herbert Price
David Prickitt
Sharon and Billy Priest
Karen and Roger Pritchett
Dianne Proctor
Professional Fitness Inc.
Bill and Mary Ann Proffer
Prospect Terrace Apartments
Kathyrn Pryor
Mary Puckett
Nancy and Bill Puddephatt
Jeff Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pugh
Mr. Robert Pugh and Mrs. Frances Pugh
Mary D. Pugh
Cindy Pugh
Pulaski Surgery Clinic, P.A.
Pulaski Technical College
Nick Pullen
Leisa and Randy Pulliam
Ginney Pumphrey
Pat and Kevin Purifoy
Dr. Donald Putnam
Kevin Qualls
Tom Quarles
Virginia Queen
L. Walter Quinn
R.A. Pickens & Son Company
Carolyn and Eric Racine
Radiology Consultants
Stephen Ragland
Ann Scoggins and Bill Rahn
Daniel and Lana Rahn
Alan and Dina Rail
Dianne and Dick Rail
Karen Raley
Maxine Ramage
Kelly Jones Ramsey
Walter and Diana Ramsey
Jay P. Ramsey
Rancho De Rayo, LLC
Evelyn Rand
Pam and Bob Raney
Linda and William Raney
Tucker Raney
Mr. and Mrs. William Rankin
Jay Raphael
Mary Lou and Terry Rasco
Carol Hampton Rasco
Lawrie Rash
Ned Rawlings
Laura and Scott Rawlings
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Rawn
Ms. Betty L. Ray
Debora Ray
Raymond James
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Dr. Kathleen Rea and Timothy Hood
Valerie Read
Susan Reasons
MaryJane and Michael Rebick
Paul Rebsamen
Rebsamen Fund
Rebsamen Insurance Foundation
Nancy F. Rector, M.D.
Red Door Gallery
The Red Apple Inn
Matt Reddin
Robert Reddish
Charles Redditt
Gloria Redman
Elise and Wendell Redmond
Foster Reed
Drs. Greg and Kay Reed
Inez and Kevin Reeder
Regions Bank
Regions Insurance, Inc
Regions Private Wealth Management
George and Paula Reid
Cheryl Reinhart
Amy and Judge Reinhold
Robert Reis
Rejuvenation Clinic
Monroe Relford, Jr.
Relyance Bank
Drs. Margarita and Raymond Remmel
Leanna and David Renfro
Janet Rensing
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Retzer, Jr.
Delores G. Reville
Revolution Fitness & Health
September Rew
Kater Reynolds
Dena R. Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds
Susan and Mark Reynolds
Elaine Reynolds
Linda and Ron Reynolds
Janet and Michael Rhoda
Ladonna and James Rhodes
Glenville Rhodes
Sarah Rians
Jill Ricciardone
Thomas Ricciardone
Kathryn and James Rice
Joe David & Tracey Rice
Kathy and Todd Rice
Brigitte Rice
Pat Rice
Cinda and Doug Rich
Jason Richard
Richard W. Averill Foundation
Brad Richards
Laura and David Richards
Tracey and Andrew Richards
Sherry and Mike Richardson
Ms. Amanda J. Richardson
Doug Richardson P.A.
Mandy Richardson
Robyn and Keith Richardson
Tadd Richert
Gregg L. Richey
Ray and Pam Richey
Rick's Bakery
R.B. Ridings
Helen and Robert Riggle
John A. Riggs IV
Ann Riggs and Donald Bodenner
Linda and Dr. Lamar W. Riggs
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Riggs
Riggs Benevolent Fund
Eva and Cooper Riley
Shalonda Riley
Richard Riley
Melanie Riley
Tracy Ring
Jeff Risinger
Risk Services of Arkansas, LLC
Ristorante Capeo
Ladyce and Dr. Robert Ritchie
Dana Ritchie
Don Ritter
Mary and Bart Roach
Rob Lyons Photography
Cathey and Ken Robbins
Peggy Roberson
Chad Roberson
Stacy and Bob Roberts
Ruth Roberts
Kathy and John Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
Kathryn Roberts
J.P. and Kate Roberts
Melinda Robertson
Ginny and Art Robertson
Donna Robertson
Cheryl Robertson
the Lange Family
Ron Robinson
Tiffany and Daniel Robinson
Ann Robinson
Beverly Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. D.K. Robinson
Geoffrey Robson
Patricia Roby
Henri Roca
Dr. Alejandro B. Rocha
Rock Town Distillery
Mrs. Winthrop P. Rockefeller
Natalie and Winthrop Rockefeller Jr.
Lynn and Joy Rockenbach
Kendra D. Roesner
Ellen Rogers
Georgia and Dr. Henry Rogers
Carolyn and John Rogers
Judge Judith Rogers and Mr. Howard J. Weiss
Marla Rogers
Barbara C. Rogers
Cindy Rogers
Phyllis Rogers
David and Mori Rogers
Jean Rolfs
A. Andre and Louise Rollefson
Joy Rollefson
Luis Romano
Dale and Lee Ronnel
Jennifer and Steven Ronnel
Karen Ronnel
Stacy and Mike Ronnel
The Root Cafe
Evelyn D. Rose
Holly Rose
Martha and Carl Rosenbaum
Laurie Ann, Charlie, Catie, and Jane Ross
Dianne and Mark Ross
Elisa and Dr. Ashley Ross
Frances Ross
Meredith Ross
Lillian and Larry Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ross
Mike Ross
David Rotzel
Nedra Rouse
and Roger Rowe
Thom Rowen
Denise and John Rowland
Holly Rowton
Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust
Fay Royce
Kathryn and William Rubenstein
Sarah Rucker
Cissy and Steve Rucker
Glenda and William Rudder
Cathy Rudder
The Rug Company
Nancy and Dwayne Ruggles
Anna Cox and Jim Rule
Ms. Renie P. Rule
Keith Runyan
Margaret Runyon
Ben L. Rush
Linda and Bobby Rush
Nancy Russ
Ellen and James Russell
Wendy Russell
Kay Russell
Helen L. Russell
Dr. Elizabeth B. Russell
Lana and Steven Russell
Russellville Symphony Guild
Melissa Rutledge
Ann and Reynie Rutledge
David Rutlen
RV City
James and Wilma Ryan
Kathy and Dave Ryan
Ann and Charles Rye
Elaine and Dick Rypkema
Frank and Ruth Rysan
Marcia and Dr. Bob Safirstein
Dr. Ronald Salomon
Sam Poche' Sells, Inc.
Mr. Fidel Samour
Barbara Samuels
Steven Sanders
Cathy and Lou Sanders
George W. Sanders
Sally and Dr. Bruce Sanderson, M.D.
Lois Sandusky
Dan Santelices
Erick Saoud
Rheta and Albert Sargent
David Sargent
Eva and David Sargent
Molly Satterfield
Drs. Ann and Norman Savers
Savvy Kids Magazine
Elinor and James Saxton
SBC Matching Gift Program
Jeremy Scaife
Scarlet Clothing
Joyce Scates and John Bowyer
Drs. Helen and Robert Schaefer
Lou Cree and John Schallhorn
Susan and Tom Schallhorn
Karen A. Scharfenberg
Mr. James Schelnill
Lenore and Louis Schickel
Nina Schickel
Schickel Development
Janice and Robert Schillinger
Glenda and Robert Schmidt
Malinda Schmidt
Heather Schmiegelow
Dr. Susan Schmitz
Dr. and Mrs. Ethan J. Schock
David and Susan Schoen
Michelle and Carl Schoenberger
Shannon and Troy Schoening
Dorothy Schoettle
Marge and Thomas Schueck
Patrick T. Schueck
Schueck Steel
John J. Schuetz
Margaret Schulz
Kari Schulz
Schwab Charitable
Dorothy Schwander
Mr. Don Schwartz
Cathy Schwartz
Becky and Monty Scott
Elaine Scott
Mary Jo and Steve Scott
Mary Scott
Dale Scroggins
Karen Scroggins
Kathryn Searcy
Jo Sears-Harkins
Paula Seay
Ben Seay
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Seba
Sally and Walter Sedelow
Malinda See
Robert and Helen Seekatz
Mary Segraves
Daryl Seibel
Drs. Joanna and Robert Seibert
Stacy Sells and Timothy Gauger
Jonathan Semans
Dr. Melissa and Lars Seme
Howard and Carol Semey
Ms. Jacqueline Senn and Mr. Gerald Senn
Diana Taylor and John Senner
Ionnie Sessler
Patty and Ed Seward
Andy Sexton
Anne Shadle
Marian and Frank Shaffer
Reza Shahim
Beth Sharbaugh
Steve Sharp
Wesley M. Shaver
Michael L. Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Leonus Shedd
Glenda and George Sheffer
Farideh and Gene Shelby
Robert Shell
Michelle and Michael Shellabarger
Judy and Michael Shelley
Kathleen Shelton
Cindy and James Shenep
William Shepherd
Ms. Sheila Jumper and Mr. Ron Sherman
Martha and Peter Sherrill
Sherwood Beverage
Dr. Kris B. Shewmake
Susan and Jim Shifflet
Julie and David Shindler
Johnnie Shinn
Sherry Shinn
Joan and Don Shipley
Brent A. Shires
Karen and Gary Shires
Steven W. Shirm, M.D.
Ethan Shock
Wanda Shockey
Bob and Connie Shoemaker
Lisa and Bob Shoptaw
Elizabeth Shores
Dr. Jeannette Shorey and Mr. Lindsay Thomas
Judi and Steve Short
Culber Shotts
Harryette and Dr. Jerry L. Shue
Cheryl Shuffield
Steve Shults
Belinda Shults
Drs. Sam and Cathleen Shultz
Nicholas Shurgot
Melanie and William Siegel
Juanita and Carl Sigler
Signal Media of Arkansas
Diane Kesling Silberstein
Mary and Dr. Hugh Silkensen
Jean Silva
Silver Designs by Peggy
Carol Silverstrom
Carol Simmons
Martha and E.R. Simmons
Simmons Bank
Matt Simpson
Ginna and J.D. Simpson III
Jim Simpson
Mr. Jordan Simpson
Ann and Phil Simpson
Sue Sims
Bradley and Melissa Sims
John Sims
Leslie H. Singer
Burton Singer
Dr. and Mrs. Gene Singleton
Angela R. Parker and David Sink
Sissy's Log Cabin
SJ Collins Enterprises LLC
Marlene and Harry
Diane and Bob Skinner
Anita and Kent Skinner
Skinny J's
Gregory Skorupa
Ernie and Samantha Skyrme
Cathryn Slater
Lori and Ellis Sloan
Ellen Smaardyk
Michael Small
Elizabeth and Thomas Small
Smart Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Hyundai
Aimee and David Smashey
Rebecca and Gary Smith
Marcelline Smith
Gail and Joseph Smith
Mary and David Smith
Michael and Rachel Smith
Cydney Smith
Nancy C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Earl F. Smith
Kathy and William Smith
Nancy I. Smith
Dr. Michael Smith
Laura Smith
Carole Smith
Sarah Smith
Jan and Steve Smith
Wallace Smith
Chuck Smith
Jane Smith
Ruth and Mark Smith
Robin Smith
Ladona and Charles Smith
Kristin and Timothy Smith
Ginny Smith
Terese Smith
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
Faith Wurl and James Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Purcell Smith, Jr.
Ruth and Dennis Smith
Jawanda and LeMoyne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Smith
Ellen and Troy Smith
Brittany and Robert Smith
Martha M. Smither
Jeff Smithers
Laura and Frank Olinde
Laura Smith-Olinde
Drs. Laura and Bruce Smoller
Alexandra and Hatim Smouni
Snell Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory
Betty and David Snellings
Martha and Bob Snider
Ted L. Snider
Chris Snider
Roy Snook
Ron Snow
Betsy and Vic Snyder
Lori Snyder
SO Restaurant
Dean Sobel
Georgiana and Lee Soderberg
Sol Alman Company
Solemates Shoe Boutique
Dorothy Solomon
Lee Solomon
Something Blue Inc.
Maralyn T. Sommer
Mrs. Eileen and Dr. Ricardo Sotomora
Charli Sotomora
Southwest Power Pool
Bill Sowell
Martha N. Sowell
Linda Spann
Nancy Spaulding
Lyndy Speckels
Elizabeth Speck-Kern
Anne and Breck Speed III
Jill and Bryan Speed
Nan Plummer and Jim Spencer
The Spirit of Harmony Foundation
John Spollen
Stella Spoon
Barbara A. Sprague
Judith and William Springer, M.D.
Nan and Dr. Art Squire
Ann Squyres
Catherine St. Amour
Yolande and Ronald St. Pierre
St. Vincent Health System
Hal and Jayne Staffeldt
Logan Scott Stafford
Penny and Dale Stafford
Beverly Staggs
Brent Staggs
Paul Staggs
Stephen Stair
Connie and Ed Staley
Christina Standerfer
Aldona and Earnest Standridge
Dean Stanfield
Katherine Stanick
Melody and Steve Stanley
Stanley Jewelers Gemologist
Mr. Donald Stant
Toni Starks
Carolyn C. Starr
Brian Brown and Anita Starrett
The State of Arkansas
Dr. Julie Stearns
Whitney Steele
Susan Steelman
Lenora and Richard Steinkamp
Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock
Stella Boyle Smith Trust
Carl Stelly
Stephano's Fine Art Gallery
Jeannine and James Stephens
Harriet and Warren Stephens
Carol and Witt Stephens, Jr.
Stephens Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Warren Stephenson
Mr. Thomas C. Stephenson
Barbara and Jerry Stern
Cindy and Scott Stern
Marye Jo Stetzer
Grace & John Steuri
Steuri Family Endowment
Laurie and CMSGT Brian Stevens
Linda and Steven Stewart
Janet and Michael Stewart
Joe Stewart
William Stewart
Robyn and Jason Stewart
Melissa Stiles
Stilo Salon
Mel Stimson
Elizabeth and Dr. Chris Stinnett
Sookhee Stirling
Earl Stockdale
Michael Stocker
Suzanne and Chuck Stofer
Janine and Matt Stoltz
Joe and Jo
Karen Stone
Stone Ward
Donald Stordahl
Sandra Storment
Anne Storthz
Carmen M. Stover
Jacob Stover
Iva Stoyanova-Slavova
Kevin Strack
David Straessle
Jeannette and Karl Straub
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Streeter
Margaret and Steve Strickland
Melanie and Lise Strigel
Trish Brown and Harry Stringfellow
Samuel Strong
John Stroud
Linda and William Stuart
Sharon Stuart
Carol and Buster Stuart
Stuck Associates & SAA Engineering
Betty Stuckey
Betty Stuckey
Alice Stuff
Emily Sudderth
Keith and Barbara Sugg
Jan G. Sullivan
Dinah and Casey Sullivan
JoNancy Linn Sundberg
Julia and Marty Sunde
Al Susoeff
Linda Swain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swanson
Margaret Swartz
Sharon Sweeney
Carol W. Swindell
Courtney Swindler
Richard and Dr. Judyth A. Swingen
Marcia and Michael Szabo
Susan Tabor
Charles Tadlock
Mary Ann Taft
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Tina Talbert
Sharon and Allen Talbot
Sharon Talbot
Camille and Dr. Dwight Talburt
Peiyi Tang and Ming Tao
Vickie Tankersley
Billie B. Tanner
Marilynn and Jim Tanner
Patty Tanner
James A. Tanner
Catherine Tapp
Gina and Philip Tappan
Target Foundation
Jim and Janet Tarkington
Thomas E. Tarpley
Sherman Tate
Norbert Tatro
Ann Taylor
Amy and Kent Taylor
Lynn Taylor
Bob Taylor
Janet Curry and Lou Taylor
Arwen Taylor
Jay Taylor
Janice and Dr. Fred Taylor
Mr. John Taylor
Taziki's Greek Fare
Joe and Donna Teague
Debbie and James Teague
Team One- Lexus Dealer Association
Priscilla and Robert Tebbetts
Ted and Betty Williams Charitable Trust
Pat and Bill Tedford
Dr. Bruce Tedford
Jim Teeter
10 Fitness
Judy Tenenbaum
Charlotte and Dewain Tennant
Terrace Mediterrenean Kitchen
The Terrace Mediterranean Kitchen
Leah Willett and Mike Terrell
Raymond Terrill
Terry Library
Terry's Finer Foods
Harvey M. Tettlebaum
Judy and Rev. David Tews
Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thalheimer
Thea Foundation
Theo's Bar & Dining Room
Melissa and Martin Thoma
Thoma Thoma
Piper and Barry Thomas
Charles Thomas
Anthony Thomas
Shea Thomas
Audra and Anthony Thomas
Rebecca Thomas
Alfie and John Thomas
Dennis K. Thomas
Mary Jean Thomas
Jane and John Thompson
Celia Thompson
Ann Thompson
Betty H. Thompson
Greg and Annamary Thompson
Katy and Marc Thompson
Mrs.G. E. Thompson, Jr.
Drs. Dola T. and John Pauly
Thompson Recycling Company, Inc.
Pat and Rick Thoren
Kathryn Thrailkill
Kenny Thrasher
Frank H. Thurmond
Valerie Thwing
Tia Mia
Tide Dry Cleaners
Merilyn and Stephen Tilley
Holly Tilley
James Tilley
Ken and Karen Tillman
Jonathan Timmis
Paula and Ed Tinsley
Tipton & Hurst Inc.
Brenda and Tom Tirrell
Tobi Fairley Interior Design
Lou Tobian
Mark Todd
Walt Todd
Matthew Toland
William Toland
Gustavo Torres
Pat and Bob Torvestad
Marie-Christine Tournier
Michele and John Towne
Roxane Townsend
Holly M. Trantham
Travelers Community Connections
Dr. Patrick Travers
Hannah Trice
Judy Trice
Philip Trimble
Scott C. Trotter
Jan and Sam Trotter
Sharon Trout
Anna Marie Trueman
Jack Truemper
William M. Tsutsui
Annabelle and Henry Tuck
Katherine and Dan Tucker
Col. Harold A. and Debbie Tucker
Sandra and Terry Tucker
Dr. Richard P. Tucker
Tommy Tucker
Lottie and Anthony Tudisco
Susan O. Tull
David Olin Tullis
Mrs. Anne L. Turner
Marilyn and Donald A. Turner
Jane and Howard Turney
Turtle Cove Spa
Twin City Limousines
Martha and Gordon Tyer
Sam L. Tyler II
Natalie and Jarrell Tyson
U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank Foundation
U.S. Department of Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service
UALR Public Radio
UBS Financial Services Inc.
UCA Public Appearances
Thomas Ukens
Catherine and Thomas Ulrich
J. Umphrey
Karla Fournier and Michael Underwood
Ryan and Andrea Underwood
Union Bistro
United Rentals
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
University of Arkansas at Little Rock - College of Business
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.
Michael Upson
Patti and Dick Upton
Urban Pad
Barry F. Uretsky
W. S. Urmy
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Ursery
US Bancorp Foundation
USAA Giving Fund
USAble Corporation
Claudia and Thomas Utley
Leslie Faye Vaeth
Linda Van Blaricom
Van Brimer Family Foundation
Donnie Van Patter
Tyler Vance
Shirley Vanderslice
Dr. Theodora Vanderzalm
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Helen and Delbert Vanlandingham
Robert VanNess
Ruthann Varner-Allison
Jerry Vascocu
Shelia and Larry Vaught
The Vaulted Room
William Veach
Gabriel Vega
George and Sera Vena
Salvador Vergara and Sara Wohlleb
Verizon Foundation
Anne and Charles Vermont
Mary and Kent Vestal
Malina Vibhakar
William Vick
Leslie Vickery
Susan Viecelli
Vieux Carre
Villa Kennedy
Christopher and Tonya Villines
Jerry Virden
Fiona and Philip Visser
Hannah Vogler
Drs. Sanford Benjamin and Barbara Vogt
Linda and Eugene Vornheder
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Voss
Vicki Vowell
Gus Vratsinas
Vratsinas Foundation
Jasna Vuk
W. W. and Ann Jones Charitable Trust
Stephanie and John Wade
Andrea and Phillip Wade
Cheryl and David Wadley
Jerry Waggoner
Suzanne Waggoner
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wagner
Ann Prentice Wagner
Michael Walden
Nancy Waldo
and Bruce Waldo
Byron Walker
Frank Walker
Teresa and Glenn Walker
Barbara Walker-Hare
Ashley Walla
Cynthia Walla
Thomas Wallace
Toni and Don Wallace
Ralph Wallace and Dr. Julie Hixson-Wallace
Lillie F. Wallick
Patricia and James Wallis
Sue Walls
Eleanor and Robert Walls
Carroll Walls
Wal-Mart Foundation
Mr. Bill Walsh
Lynn and A. J. Walsh
Catherine Walsh
Beth Walter
Amelia Walters
Ben Walters
Yan and Jingyi Wang
Mary and T. L. Waniewski
Millie Ward and Larry Stone
Allan Ward
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Jason Watts
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Mike Watts
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Drs. Jane and Bob Wayland
LaVinia and Dr. Tim Webb
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Dale and Roger Webb
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Becky and Gary Wheeler
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Margaret and Joe Whisenhunt
Ann and Al White
Virginia and Bartow White
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Cappy and Charles Whiteside
Perry Whitmore
Marjorie and Perry Whitmore
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Marnie and Dennis Wightman
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Donalee and Kenneth Williams
Ivan Williams
Gloria Williams
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Doris and Greg Williams
Mollie Williams
Williams & Anderson PLC
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Ronnie and Koasina Williams-Madison
Katherine Williamson
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Katherine and Adrian Williamson
Dr. James Willis and Ms. Tandy Cobb
Ginger and Dr. Dodd Wilson
Jessie and Spencer Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
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Laura Wiltshire
Rebecca Winburn
Hardy Winburn
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Kathleen and David Witchger
Witchger Family Trust
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Shelley and Donald Wold
Cynthia Wolf
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Patti and Jim Womble
The Wonder Place
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Maria Worthen
Sherry and George Worthen
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Amy and Matthew Wren
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Joan and Robert Wright
Ginger and Nicholas Wright
Melinda Wright
Judy and Howard Wright
Alice D. Wright
William and Mary Wright
Tze-Ying Wu
Katherine and Thomas Wurtenberger
James Xin
Dr. Dominic Yang
Jill and Scott Yant
YaYa's Euro Bistro
Ellen P. Yeary
Jim and Ellen Yeary
Clifford Yeary
Carter Yeatman
Dr. Suzanne Yee and Bill Yee
Elizabeth and John Yeomans
Gingia Yerger
Martha and Thomas Yerina
Karen Yezzi
Belinda and Steve Yoder
Carol Young
Mona and Michael Young
Linda Young
Dr. Douglas E. Young
Michael J. Young and Sandra A. Wolf
Preston Young
Lisa and Tracy Young
Peggy Young
Molly Young
Harvey L. Young
Dr. Pat Youngdahl
Wilma Yu
Dongdong Yu
Pete Yuan
Roger Zachritz
Kerry and George Zack
Kevin and Aileen Zaffaroni
Fengjuan Zhang
Jan Zimmerman
Joan Zumwalt
Marc Zyla 

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