Aaron Diehl Plays Gershwin

Sep 28, 2024 - Sep 29, 2024

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Aaron Diehl, piano
Geoffrey Robson, conductor


Anna Clyne - Masquerade

The Experience: high-spirited, colorful, dramatic

Anna Clyne wrote Masquerade to premiere at a festival in London in 2013. The piece was inspired by 18th-century promenade concerts and incorporated elements from an English drinking song to invoke excitement and energy. 

George Gershwin - Piano Concerto in F

The Experience: animated, striking, powerful 

The New York Symphony Society commissioned Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F in 1925 following his successful composition of Rhapsody in Blue. This vibrant and jazzy orchestral work showcases the composer's unique fusion of classical and jazz styles.

Carlos Simon - Graffiti

The Experience: abstract, inspiring, inventive 

Graffiti, an ancient form of expression, has historically sparked debates over its classification as art or vandalism. This piece explores various artistic styles of graffiti, including Tags & Throw-ups, Fill-ins, Straight Letters, Scribing, and Masterpieces/WildStyles, shedding light on the diverse techniques employed by graffiti artists.

George Gershwin - Cuban Overture

The Experience: energetic, bright, exciting

Gershwin wrote Cuban Overture after he found inspiration from his travels to Havana. His experiences led him to incorporate Latin rhythms and melodies into his original orchestration. While listening to this piece, you will hear colorful, catchy melodies and unique percussion instruments such as claves, maracas, and bongos.


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