ASO Giving Day, April 18th, 2024

Thank you! ASO Giving Day 2024 Goals Exceeded!

The support from our community on ASO Giving Day 2024 was overwhelming! Donors like you helped exceed our expectations and the entire ASO family is grateful for your support of live performances and music education. Thank you to each of you who contributed on ASO Giving Day!

Your generous support pushed us past our initial goal of $150,000 and our stretch goal of $180,000. Your spirit of giving led to an astounding $216,722.65 raised! This is our highest ever amount raised for ASO Giving Day! Thank you!

Support on this important day of giving is vital to ASO’s efforts to bridge the gap of access to music education in our state. Together with our musicians, community members, donors, students, and patrons, ASO is connecting, enriching, inspiring, and advancing the state through music.

This thermometer will be updated periodically throughout the day on April 18.

We’d Like To Extend A Very Special Thanks To...

Our musicians, Board members, Board of Advisors members, and staff who stepped up to give generous matching funds so your donations had an even bigger impact! Thank you to Rick & Maureen Adkins, Dr. Teresita Angtuaco, Anonymous, Monica & Glenn Beasley, Deitra & Vance Blackwell, Melanie & Dr. Clif Christopher, Denise Compton & Doug Owens, Jane & Pete Cornish, Cindy & Nick Dawson, Chuck & Kathy Eckerson, Brigita Gardner, Jan & Randal Hundley, Phil & Janice Peters, Dale G. Ronnel, Joanna & Robert Seibert, Elizabeth & Dr. Chris Stinnett, Janet Williams, Carolyn Witherspoon, and ASO Staff members!

Thank you again for your amazing support. Your donations are an investment in the present and future of your community and we are grateful for you!

woman in red shirt assists young child with a violin
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crowd of people in an outdoor venue

ASO Giving Day 2023 Donors

We’d like to extend a very special thanks to our musicians, Board members, Board of Advisors members, and staff who stepped up to give generous matching funds so your donations had an even bigger impact! Thank you to Nick & Susan Brown, Jane & Pete Cornish, Rick & Maureen Adkins, Jan & Randal Hundley, Kim Hillis & Jean Matchett, Glenn Beasley, Karen Barnwell, Jim Hudson, Denise Compton & Doug Owens, Steve Shirm, Robert & Joanna Seibert, Phil Kenney & Jeannette Lee, Phil & Janice Peters, and Brigita Gardner who offered generous matching challenges!

Mr. Scott Adams

Maureen & Rick Adkins

Dr. Teresita Angtuaco

Anonymous (15)

Karen Barnwell

Donna Bates

Glenn Beasley & Monica Denham

Lord & Lady Blackwell of Glencoe &           Kilnaish

Sally & Timothy Blewett

Donna Bojus

Dr. Brenda Booth

Luana Bracy

Sandra & Dale Brubaker

Toan Bui

Barbara & Lee Burroughs

Clarissa Cassol

Melanie & Dr. Clif Christopher

Jon Claas

Renée Chérie Clark

Jennifer Cobb

Tandy Cobb & Dr. James Willis

Drs. Denise Compton & Doug Owens

Cynthia L. Conger

Jamie & Mike Coogan

Jerry Core

Jane & Pete Cornish

Mary Frances Cotham

Michael Cox

Courtney & Amber Crouch

Amanda Claire Curcio

Erika & Denny Davies

Cynthia & Nick Dawson

Leanne Day-Simpson

Stefanie & Paul Dickinson

Lisa Doss

Patricia B. Duke

Ernest Dumas

Chuck & Kathy Eckerson

Jennifer Ellis

Regina Ezell

Mr. Ansley & Dr. Nancy Fleming

Susie & Charles Morgan

Marion Fulk

Brigita Gardner

Jim Gifford

Hannah Goyne

Dr. James Graham, M.D.

Karen Griebling

Julianne Dante Grundfest

Sean Harper

Helen & Fred Harrison

Lisa & Dr. John Hayes

Durham Hill

Dr. Charles Hiller

Steve Hinsley

Karen & Ray Holliday

Betsy & Cyril Hollingsworth

Julie Holt

Barbara R. Hoover

Scott & Emily Huffman

Jan & Dr. Randal Hundley

Dr. Jerry G. Ingram & Ms. Catherine Vander Woude

Dr. Soledad Jasin

Dr. John & Colleen Jayroe

Elisha Johnson

Paula & Lee Johnson

Elisha Johnson

William Jones

Nancy & Richard Jorgensen

Dianna Kilburn

Larry E. Kircher

Joanna Klett

Mitchell Williams Law Firm

Jesse Lipson

Christina Littlejohn

Anne Marie Maddox

Eric Madgett

Amy Mahan

Krissy Manning

Julie & Lynn Marshall

Beth & Carl Mason

Sandra McDonald

Dr. David F. Miller

Katherine & Justin Mitchell

Drs. Roberta & Thomas Monson

Thomas Morgan

Dr. & Mrs. Alvah J. Nelson III

Paul & Elizabeth Nyhus

Priscilla & Patrick O'Malley

Alyce & John Parker

Nikki & Paul Parnell

Lorene & James Patterson

Pat & Carrick Patterson

Paul Peek

Amanda Person

Dr. Phillip & Janice Peters

Betty & Mark Peterson

David Prickitt

Karen & Roger Pritchett

Leanna & David Renfro

Stacy & Bob Roberts

Beth Robison

Andre & Louise Rollefson

Dale G. Ronnel

Daniel Rousseau

IJ Routen

Denise & John Rowland

Jennifer Ryan

Lynn Schaefer

Glenda & Robert Schmidt

Susan & Michael Schmitz

Shannon & Troy Schoening

Kari Schulz

Margaret Schulz

Joanna & Robert Seibert

Jacob Wunsch & Haeshin Shin

Karen & Gary Shires

Judi & Steve Short

Sue Sims

Ernie & Samantha Skyrme

Penny Sloan

Terri Smith

Jerome Sorensen

Barbara A. Sprague

Elizabeth & Dr. Chris Stinnett

Cynthia Stroud

Susan Sullivan

Michael Thomsen

Mrs. Judy Trice

Annabelle & Henry Tuck

Fran Henderson & Mike Watts

Beth & Dr. Dick Wheeler

Susan & Gordon White

Janet Williams

Carol & Ben Wilson

Darren Winkler

Marsha Winters

Carolyn Witherspoon

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Wood

David & Pam Wood

Duane & Ann Wunsch

Dan Young