ASO Giving Day, April 18th, 2024

New Match to Double Your Impact! 😆🎶

We are thrilled to announce that, with your generosity, we have raised $135,942.90 toward our goal of $150,000 on ASO Giving Day 2024! Thank you to Board Advisors members Deitra & Vance Blackwell, Jo and Joseph Stoltz, Chuck & Kathy Eckerson, Janet Williams, Cynthia & Nick Dawson, Jon Claas, Monica & Glenn Beasley, and Jennifer & Mark McCarty for the afternoon matching challenge.

This thermometer will be updated periodically throughout the day on April 18.

Your donations today help ensure ASO’s two full-time string quartets can travel across the state engaging students with music. Each year, the Rockefeller String Quartet and the Quapaw String Quartet create interactive music demonstrations to deliver state- approved, curriculum-based programs to schools in places like Russellville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, and more. This kind of interactive learning is possible because of support from donors like you.

ASO staff and Board members Dr. Phillip & Janice Peters are challenging us with a $4,750 match until 6 pm to help us reach the finish line! Will you make a gift to ASO today to allow a quartet to showcase a demonstration for a school, host an instrument petting zoo, or perform one of their many recitals? Thank you!

collage of pictures of various children playing various instruments

ASO Giving Day 2023 Donors

We’d like to extend a very special thanks to our musicians, Board members, Board of Advisors members, and staff who stepped up to give generous matching funds so your donations had an even bigger impact! Thank you to Nick & Susan Brown, Jane & Pete Cornish, Rick & Maureen Adkins, Jan & Randal Hundley, Kim Hillis & Jean Matchett, Glenn Beasley, Karen Barnwell, Jim Hudson, Denise Compton & Doug Owens, Steve Shirm, Robert & Joanna Seibert, Phil Kenney & Jeannette Lee, Phil & Janice Peters, and Brigita Gardner who offered generous matching challenges!

Anonymous (16)
Maureen and Rick Adkins
Andrea Allan
Shaymaa Al-Shukri
Dr. Teresita L. Angtuaco
Kwabena Appiah
Suzanne and Dr. Earl Babbie
Shelby Baker
Karen Barnwell
Gwenn Bartlett
Sarah Blackburn
Sally and Timothy Blewett
Brett and Andrea Bolan
Dr. Brenda Booth
Drs. Samuel and Bobbie Boyd
Jenira Boykin
Luana Bracy
Audrey Bradley
Vernon Brewer
Susan and Nick Brown
Dr. Richard Brown
Sandra and Dale Brubaker
Barbara and Lee Burroughs
Mary Busby
Jeff and Stephanie Byers
Larry and Beth Carpenter
Tim Carroll
Diane Carter
John Christian
Tanesia Clark-Johnson
Tandy Cobb
Ellon and Rogers Cockrill
Nakille Coleman
Drs. Denise Compton and Doug Owens
Lisa Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Cowan
Nancy and Tom Crow
Rebecca Cunningham
Jennifer Dale
Charles Davidson
Denny and Erika Davies
Cynthia and Nick Dawson
Ernie and Celia Decker
Laura Williams and Brandon Dorris
Kate Dow
Nyketa Duckworth
Jean Durden
Laurie and John Eckart
Chuck and Kathy Eckerson
Marleen Eddlemon
Jennifer Ellis
Adam Eppes
Audrey and Donald Evans
Angela Evans
Jeanne and Robert Fitzgerald
Sandra and Mike Flynn
Michele Fox
Christine Franklin
Lizz Garbett
Brigita Gardner
Vicki and Leon Gershner
Marion Gibson
Linda and Chris Glover
Rocky and Jenni Goodman
Alisa Green
Rochelle C. Greenwood
Karen Griebling

Valencia Guinn
Bobbie Handcock
Cheryl Hannink
Rachel and Stewart Hart
Hana Mariah Hatta
Harold and Pam Hays
Robert Herring
D. Micah Hester
Mary Bea and Ken Hiegel
William Hiers
Semeria Hill
Kimberly Hillis and Dr. Jean Matchett
Mary Jane and Drew Hodges
Betsy and Cyril Hollingsworth
William Holmes
James and Leigh Hudson
Jan and Dr. Randal Hundley
Darrell Jackson
Shakelia Jackson Brown
Jocelyn Jeffries Fry
TJ Jenkins
Paula and Lee Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Kelly and Alyssa Journey
Shilpa K
Kortnee Kalberer
Leigh Kanaday
Ouida and George Keck
Drs. Lee Abel and Eleanor Kennedy
Drs. Jeannette Lee and Philip Kenney
Molly and Larry Kircher
Joanna Klett
Soheila Korourian
Juliette Lam
Cheryl Lane
Ashley Lane
Michelle Leding
Libby Lee
Terica Lee
Caroline Lemen and Norbert Nielubowski
Develyn Lewis
Jim and Amanda Limbird
Christina Littlejohn
Cassandra Love
Jamie Lowdermilk and Jeff Parry
Amber Lowe
Edwina Mann
Julianne Martin
Dr. and Mrs. J. Zachary Mason
Beth and Carl Mason
Nell Matthews
Mary McBeth
Crata Castleberry and David McCullough
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sondra McKelvey
Alison McLeod
David Mcroberts
Drs. Keith Wolter and Jill Mhyre
Elizabeth F. Minton
Sharmin Moody
Christal and William Moore
Mary and Jack Mulkey
Kyle Murry
Suzanne and Charles Nestrud
Dr. Thomas Nowlin and Michelle Posey
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nunnelly III
David and Anne Obrien

Peter and Pattie O'Connell
Priscilla and Patrick O'Malley
Eric Omundson
Patricia Palmer
Lorene and James Patterson
Dr. Phillip and Janice Peters
Betty and Dr. Mark Peterson
Lynne and Dr. Paul Phillips
Ozlem Polat
Karen and Roger Pritchett
Jamie Ramey
Kaleena Reaser
MaryJane and Michael Rebick
Brian Recupero
Foster and Judy Reed
Leanna and David Renfro
Lisa Ricks
Ladyce and Dr. Robert Ritchie
Dana B. Ritchie
Stacy and Bob Roberts
Kristie Robinson
Ann Robinson
Livy Robinson
Beth Robison
Geoffrey Robson
Denise and John Rowland
Christine Rutlen
Lois Sandusky and Tom McGowan
Troy Schmit
Laura Schulz
Kari Schulz
Joanna and Robert Seibert
Shayna Sessler
Brent and Terrie Shires
Steven W. Shirm, M.D.
Sue Sims
Terri Smith
Sue Smith
Stephanie G. Smith
Dennis Smith
James Sorvillo
Susana Soto
Nancy Spaulding
Pam Springer
Bryan and Lauren Stanbridge
Bonnie Starks
Susan Steelman
Richard and Dr. Judyth Swingen
Frank Tappin
Jeffrey Taylor
Annabelle and Henry Tuck
Shirley Vanderslice
Stephanie and John Vanderslice
Dr. Pam and LTC Stan L. Warrick
Brandon Weeks
Beth and Dr. Dick Wheeler
Cindy Whitaker
Mary Wildgen
Sydney Williams
Michelle Windle
Bill Wingfield
Marsha H. Winters
Barbara and Dr. George Wise
Brian and Melissa Wolverton
David and Pam Wood
Jacob Wunsch and Haeshin Shin