Guest Feature – Little Rock Soirée: The Show Must Go On(line)

By: Todd Traub, contributing writer - Little Rock Soirée

Pay cuts, rescheduling, deficits and uncertainty.

It sounds like today’s headlines, but for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra it’s history.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to churn and disrupt lives everywhere, the ASO is a unified, thriving organization making plans for a virtual version of one of its biggest fundraising events, the Nov. 7 Opus Ball, as well as continuing its educational programs and performances.

“We can’t do this the way we’ve initially conceived and it’s creating a lot of excitement,” says Martin Thoma, co-chair of the Opus Ball with his wife Melissa. “On the other hand we have a lot of opportunities open up to us.”

After surviving a real recession, what’s a little virtual reality?


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