Learning the Ropes

Coming to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra as the Public Relations & Digital Strategies intern was/is an absolute blessing to me. When I first heard that the ASO offered internships, I knew that interning at the ASO would be a perfect fit for me. Interning at the ASO would be a place where I was still able to follow my passion for music and, at the same time, further educate myself on the tactics that pertain to my college major.

As an intern at the ASO, I have gained valuable insight and experience as to how an orchestra’s administration team maintains and grows a symphony orchestra. More specifically, I got to learn, participate, and research on how digital platforms play a significant role in promoting a symphony orchestra as well as being a vital part of marketing a symphony orchestra. With all that I have done as an intern, I know for a fact that the information that I have learned and applied will substantially benefit me in the career field that I am planning to go into after college.

It was especially interesting to intern at the ASO given the fact that the ASO is in the process of transitioning between venues because of the Robinson Center currently being renovated. Because of this, I have been able to observe how an orchestra’s administration team has had to adapt and conquer the many variables that have arisen.

Being that the ASO is a non-profit organization, I have also had the opportunity to see how a non-profit organization differs from a for-profit organization in aspects such as marketing, public relations, and finance. That being said, this internship has sparked a new sense of meaning and passion of the type of organization and/or business that I would like to join in the future as well as a new sense of perspective in the business world. As I move further into this internship, I’ve observed with those I work with the amount of teamwork that goes on at the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Through weekly meetings, conference calls, and simply just having fun, I’ve learned to value even more the importance of intergroup communication skills and strategies.

All in all, as a college student, I’ve been told numerous times the importance of having an internship during my years at college in hopes of being as much prepared for the future as possible. I am so glad that I was able to have an internship at an organization that is relevant to my academic and professional career as well as an internship where I can enjoy and take pride in my work.

Learning the Ropes