One Year of Bedtime with Bach

By: Kendall Carwile

It has officially been one year since Concertmaster Drew Irvin went live on Facebook for our first Bedtime with Bach. The goal was to bring peace and comfort during a hard time. Over the past year, Arkansas Symphony musicians and friends of the ASO have created 111 videos.

The world started to notice. The musician-led Bedtime with Bach was featured in The Washington Post, on CNN, and many other media outlets culminating in Drew Irvin talking with American Idol-Winner, Kelly Clarkson on her daytime show. They spoke about the importance of staying connected and the power of music.

In July 2020, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. issued a proclamation.

"Arkansas Symphony Orchestra has been a valuable member of not only Little Rock's cultural community but greater civic life since its founding in 1966, with the Bedtime with Bach program being another example of the ways the ASO seeks to develop new audiences, engage with residents, and adapt to changing circumstances."

The Bedtime with Bach series has reached just over 987,000 people in 30 + countries over the past year. We can not express our gratitude enough. Thank you for letting us into your home. We hope to have brought a moment of peace to your day. We can’t wait to see you again in the Robinson Center in the, hopefully, near future.

“My gratitude to my fellow musicians for their amazing commitment to continuing music this year has pulled me through a tough year. It was an amazing undertaking, and everyone has grown from it. The continued music paired with our amazing ASO Staff and board’s support has been a lifesaver for us artistically and me personally. I’m so proud of our flexibility and commitment to making music for Arkansas and Beyond.” - Drew Irvin, ASO Concertmaster

“I am grateful that Bedtime With Bach has enabled the musicians to continue connecting with our ASO Family and to reach a new international audience throughout the uncertainty of the pandemic. The musicians have definitely enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to interact with our audience and keep the connection alive until we can resume in-person live performances!” - David Gerstein, ASO Principal Cellist & Member of the Quapaw String Quartet 

bedtime with Bach